10 life hacks for busy parents

Today – life hacks for busy parents

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10 life hacks for busy parents

Are you seeking life hacks for busy parents? 

Oh, life can be so busy can’t it when you have young children and it can feel like you are endlessly chasing your tail. My advice is to try and make it all as absolutely as simple as you can. I know this is easier said than done but there are a multitude of life hacks for busy parents that can really help when you have a little one – here are 10 of the best life hacks for busy parents. But t do start by pooling your finances in a joint account. Have a look here to see why a joint account is a good idea for new parents

1) Never ever say no to an invite out for lunch/tea/dinner. It will save you effort, time, energy and money and is a win-win-win. No matter how tired you are it will always be a treat to be catered for. And you know you can always offer to help do the washing up as your payment! Plus you know it is a way of socialising and eating out that really does not cost you a penny. And, if you are savvy about using a budget recipe you can return the favour at minimal cost too,

2) Do consider fake grass. It will stop your little ones playing in the mud, will need pretty much zero maintenance and will always look great. Just what you need through the baby days and absolutely the biggest time saver in those summer months. This is one investment you will never regret.

3) Make 2 of everything you cook from scratch and freeze the other one – it is much much easier than cooking twice. It also saves on both food water, your time and o energy costs as you will only be using the oven once.

4) Keep a stockpile of birthday cards and stamps, wrapping paper and generic gifts so you are never caught short and have to make a trip to the shops at the last minute. I alsways have my kids make a big pile of these too during a craft session to save me cash. Life hacks for busy parents – keep the kids entertained too

5) Laying out all your clothes the night before saves so much messing about when everyone is tired and grumpy in the mornings and gives you a really calm and ordered start to the day.

6) Click and collect groceries are really good ideas as there is no delivery charge and saves time in the store. PLUS you will not get tempted to spend lots of money on things you had no intention of buying because they just caught your eye.


More busy parent life hacks ..

7) Meal planning for the week may sound obvious but it saves you so much time doing last-minute shops and it saves so much money on food what you really MUST do this to save yourself in so many ways. read great blogs like this one for quick and easy family recipes – a perfect life hacks for busy parents

8) Packed lunches for schools/work made the night before (for you and your kids) again saves a lot of bother in the mornings when tempers can be frayed. Being a step ahead and organised can make such a difference.

9) Do it “now”… a simple thing, but when you do things straight away, they don’t pile up and you then don’t feel overwhelmed. So get moving, get it done and you will feel much more in control of your time. And when you feel in control you are way more efficient so this will benefit you a lot. remember that saying If you want something done give it to a busy person? There si a lot of truth in that./

10) Get a slow cooker – you can just chuck in all your ingredients in the morning and tea will be ready when you come home. Has to be the most practical of all life hacks for busy parents and declines and a great aroma to come home too. You could also do all your veg prep on the weekend and simply chuck everything into the freezer to really make yourself ahead of the game.

So many life hacks for busy parents..which one is your favourite? Or is their one that you think AHA! I may just have a go at that one…


Now it’s over to you

Hope you have found these 10 life hacks for busy parents helpful and I would absolutely love to hear any of your life hacks for busy parents – do drop me a comment below!  You can find more of my parenting posts here and if instead of looking at parenting life hacks you may want more time then do take a look at  how to stop being busy and how to be more content plus my top five declutter tips you might also like my post on time management tips for new parents


Do leave me a comment if you have any life hacks for busy parents to share. You might also like my post on how do I live my dream life




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