The Tax Benefits of Opening a Company in Seychelles

The Tax Benefits of Opening a Company in Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the preferred offshore destinations for all categories of investors who are interested in protecting their finances and benefit from a relaxed tax system. An IBC (International Business Company) offshore company in Seychelles is not only easy to incorporate, but it represents the most popular business structure in the insular state and offers complete privacy to the owners. Before submitting the Articles of Association of a company in Seychelles, it is suggested to ask for professional help at the time of registration and avoid any misunderstandings that might occur during the incorporation process.

The Tax Benefits of Opening a Company in Seychelles

No taxes for IBCs in Seychelles

Even though an IBC in Seychelles is subject to several conditions, like not performing the activities in the insular state and not having real estate properties, an investor can enjoy the tax-free system for such business form. However, one must keep in mind the business start-up costs which involve the minimum share capital, the fee for the registered agent who represents the company in Seychelles and the licensing fee for the chosen activities. The good news is that an offshore company in Seychelles is exempt from taxation for 20 years and the investor has the possibility of opening another type of company and transferring the assets. As a short conclusion about IBCs in Seychelles, entrepreneurs must know that there is no corporate tax imposed and no withholding tax on dividends.

It is strongly recommended to ask for legal support in matters of taxation in Seychelles, in order to choose the suitable business form and benefit from tax reliefs.


Other tax benefits in Seychelles

The insular state has signed several double tax agreements with countries worldwide and investors can benefit from such conventions only if they set up other types of offshores instead of IBCs. Companies in Seychelles are subject to 0% VAT, no taxes for capital gains, and no stamp duty. Particular companies which perform their activities under special licenses in Seychelles, like CSLs (Special License Companies), can benefit from a particular tax rate of 1.5% imposed on registered incomes.

Without any doubts, Seychelles is suitable for business and investments and it can be a proper offshore destination for those who want to protect their assets, pay no taxes and enjoy the privacy status in the business environment.


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