Yumbox Review

. I was so excited to be invited to do a yumbox review – I have heard them talked about really positively for quite some time now but have never actually used a Yumbox before


For those of you who don’t know it’s an interesting new way to store packed lunches. It is designed to be nutritionally balanced and to help with portion control and to be leak proof. As it seals in each portion it also does away with the need for cling film or packaging.


Yumbox Review


It is available in 2 designs, the classic and the panino, and lots of lovely colours.

 There are 5 food wells in the Yumbox Classic

Each well is labelled with the 5 food groups (vegetable, grains, fruit, dairy and protein) that make up a balanced meal for a young child.


My daughter is 8 and takes a packed lunch to school daily. She trialled the Yumbox Panino.

The Panino will hold a standard sized sandwich or a salad and l has 2 extra wells, plus a large dip well for holding fruit, vegetables etc.


It is green, dishwasher safe and easy for children to open.

I love that you can pack yoghurt and it won’t spill and that it really limits what you pack. My daughter loves satsumas but often struggle to open them. this way I can do it for her and they wont dry up.


Thought on our yumbox review

I have realised I am giving her slightly less food and certainly more nutritious food since getting the yumbox as it is just made for fresh fruit and veg. For once she has been finishing what I give her too which is brilliant. I was certainly overloading her before.


Here are a few of our yumbox’s from last week:



Not a lot of variety I grant you but I was due for a shop. We are going to try kiwi and yoghurt next week!  I really rate this  product and am after one for myself now.

It’ such a good idea.

Why not have a look on Pinterest for lots and lots of yumbox ideas.  I know I will be!

You can buy a yumbox from Eat Well UK


I do hope you enjoyed this yumbox review



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