How to keep children safe at home

Did you know that  23rd-29th June is child safety week

Over one million children aged under fifteen are taken to A&E after accidents around the home every year. What an absolutely shocking and horrible fact. Most are preventable too!

We are talking about…





even poison.

So how do we keep children safe at home?

Often it is just really simple little tweaks  (like lidded drinks, knives out of reach, cupboard locks etc. ) Little adjustments can make all the difference.

Bettaliving have a lot of great resources on their site to support this campaign and they have a great survey currently on the go where you can win £50 worth of Mothercare vouchers for just 2 minutes of your time.



This is such an important issue and one that really is so close to my heart.

My sister poured scalding soup form a saucepan on herself as toddler and I have always been a  bit paranoid about burns and hot drinks around children. Despite this paranoia my own daughter had a bad burn form a hot drink as a baby and ended up needing a skin graft. We are still unsure how it happened as it was believed to be well out of reach . It was so horrible for all concerned.Even writing about it now brings me close to tears and she will live with it always,

Child safety issues really are so important andany tips and hints to improve child safety at home are so useful. They could save a life.

If you head on over to the bettaliving site there will be an infographic around child safety  and a hazard awareness test (which will be very interesting to complete) as well as a  a range of blog posts full of tips to help you keep you little treasures safe.

Certainly well worth a few moments of your time.




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