Thrifty packed lunch ideas for kids

10 thrifty packed lunch ideas for kids

Pack ups only take minutes but really do save pounds. Here are some pack up tips for savvy sandwich savers.

Thrifty packed lunch ideas for kids

1. Invest in some different sized lidded plastic containers to save the constant expense of sandwich bags and cling film. It’s a good investment.

2. Get a nice sandwich box but if you can get away with it avoid themes, BFG sandwich boxes may be in vogue with your toddler but will cost a lot more than a non themed box and a few months down the line Bob may well have been replaced by Dory and the nagging may begin again.

3. Have a non themed drinks bottle (see above) and make sure it fits in the box. This saves buying pre packed drinks is a cheaper and greener option. Tap water is, after all, totally free!

4. Chopped veg is healthy, cheap and colourful. 1 carrot can go a long way and it tastes sweet! Peppers are also a good option or maybe some cucumber, tomatoes, celery etc. If you pack it in they will often give it a try.

5. Fruit is really important too. Apples kept in the fridge tend to last an age and are hard to squish. Bananas may be a favourite – just remember not to store them with other fruit or let them get to warm and over ripen. Oranges aren’t easy to eat in transit but easy peel Satsuma’s may be an option and also last a while.

6. If sandwiches get boring try pitta bread toasted, packed up with cheese or hummus and cut into little pieces. Tortilla wraps filled and chopped into bite size pieces are another cheap way to ring the changes.

7.You could also consider items you may already have in: : chunks of cheese and breadsticks, cold leftover pizza slices, a boiled egg, hot cross bun buttered and chopped, malt loaf, vegetable rice, pasta salad, etc. Children eat differently on the go particularly when they have no back up options! Leftover love is a good thing to encourage!

8. Crisps are generally empty calories and you may want to miss these out, likewise chocolate bars – if you decide to go down this route or even for an occasional treat look out for special offers and store them out of your every day reach or they will be gobbled up and gone in in no time!

9. A little box of raisins never spoils and give a sweet treat and an energy burst for little cost. I alsowsy include these.

10. To liven up a lunch box you could always pop in a forgotten toy or a photo of the cat or daddy! Treats don’t have to be edible.

Have a nice lunch – and don’t forget your own


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