Lowdham Book Festival

Lowdham book festival

My house is full of panic, chaos and disarray (no, my in-laws aren’t coming to stay) I am simply about to attend and deliver a talk at my first ever book festival (June, 27th) How to Afford Time Off with your Baby the book that is the inspiration for this blog is soon to be released (Vermilion, September 3rd).

It is my first book and my first book festival so it is all very exciting.

I am on stage at 10 a.m in the miscellany tent If anyone wants to come long and my budgeting friends you will be pleased to know it is a free event. I will be talking about the books beginnings in my own experiences, statistics and research around being at home with our babies and of course loads
to do with saving, earning and not needing so much money when we have young children. I will also talk about the themes that emerge form baby budgeting in regard to the environment, community and creativity. The process of getting my first book published has been funny, frustrating and challenging and I will be sharing a bit of that too!,


How to afford


I would love to see you there. Bx


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