10 ways to save money on baby clothes

10 ways to save money on baby clothes

Well, it is most definitely summer time and new clothes are the order of the day. My daughter is 1 1/2 and totally gorgeous and I like her to look her very best but money is tight. It is time to be resourceful! Here are my 10 top tips for dressing your baby on a budget.

10 ways to save money on baby clothes

1) Mix and match what they have – we do it for ourselves,…mixing up outfits can give them a great new lease of life, you could try little leggings under a dress, a white long sleeved body could go under a t-shirt on a cooler day, a blouse could be worn open over a vest top….endless possibilities!

2) Adapt what you have: jeans could be cut to make shorts, an old dress could become a little tunic top. new buttons may revive a cardi or a stained t-shirt could even be tie dyed!

3) Buy for longevity – I bought a gorgeous hot pink cashmere Monsoon poncho for £1.50 off eBay. It has lasted from 3 months to now and is still going strong. Pinafores with large arm holes can become minis later, elastic waist skirts can last an age. Think long life and then you can afford to buy a few key pieces.

4) Hand me downs – what a life saver, I would recommend you always say YES and smile. Even if you think these may not be to your taste you are sure to find a few things in a hand me down bag. Even if you just find a few play clothes (or as I call them ‘going to grandmas to get dirty and eat ice cream clothes) these are a brilliant additions to your Childs wardrobe and saves you wrecking the good stuff.

5) Sell to buy – by selling what you are done with you can free up cash for you next clothes shop. eBay, NCT sales, netmums or even a local second hand baby clothes shop are all options for selling. I use eBay and sometimes sell bundles. I wouldn’t recommend you horde for a next baby as clothes never look the same next time round and seasons, gender, sizes and weather never are never all exactly the same.

6) Check out eBay by searching for exactly what you want. Nct sales are also a top place to buy lovely v cheap seconds check out www.nct.org.uk/in-your-area/nearly-new-sales. Car boots can also be great, often its just a family like you trying to make money for the next load of baby stuff. For a car boot near you check out www.carbootjunction.com.

7) Accessorise – a little hair clip or waistcoat can transform an outfit for a party , a bit of shoe polish and some frilly socks can work wonders too. You don’t have to buy a brand new outfit ..it can all be in the detail so be a savvy shopper.

8) Check out charity shop in posh areas…makes sense they will always have more expensive and probably better quality seconds.

9)A big waterproof bib that your baby is happy to wear is worth its weight in gold and I would recommend if they are eating spaghetti strip them down to their nappy. Its a good idea to protect what you have!

10) A baby probably doesn’t care what they look like so try and not care much either. Life is for eating, playing and dribbling when you are little without being too concerned. I was once told that a smile is the prettiest outfit ever and so a relaxed mum and dad tend to make the prettiest of children.


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