Top tips for Easter on a Budget with a baby

Easter on a budget

easter on a budget

Happy Easter to you and yours.

Here are a few of my favourite Easter tips. Simple, straightforward and immensely do-able (like all my tips.) I hope they work for you too!

1. Babies do not know or care about Easter. Chocolate is not good for them and they do not need an alternative, save your cash and treat your little baby to an extra long cuddle instead.

2. Flowers make a lovely gift. Stock up on lots of daffodils (or better still grow your own) a bunch of these are a lovely gift – cheap but very cheerful.

3. Easter Feast – Have the family over for a baby friendly buffet. Ask everyone to bring a dish for the buffet, spread it out on the table and pop out some plates. Job done. Buffets like this will cost you v little, babies can still be cuddled and dishes get taken away so there is minimal washing up. Baby friendly, inexpensive and less housework!

4. Spring into life. You may not be able to go out this Easter with a young baby and little money but there is a lot you can do to feel good.

  • Get some sunlight morning and afternoon this is a GUARANTEED pick me up (and helps baby sleep!)
  • Walk through a pretty park it will provide exercise, fresh air and visual stimulation for both of you.
  • Have a long coffee with an old friend and talk about happy days and life pre-baby
  • Feed the ducks – it always restores me and babies love it

5.Have a spring clean and de-clutter all those baby items you are done with – it will make you feel great and if you pop them on eBay or hold a car boot sale you can make some money to pay for your Easter treats and more!

Easter can renew you without the need to spend any money. I wish you a spirit filled Easter


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