Why LEGO is So Expensive

Today – Why LEGO is So Expensive

Why LEGO is So Expensive


LEGO is a group of plastic building toys that are made by a company known as the LEGO Group. The LEGO Group is a privately-owned company situated in Denmark. The main product of this company is the LEGO building blocks.



Why LEGO is So Expensive

These products include a series of differently coloured plastic blocks that can be interlocked to make various figures like buildings and vehicles. Several companies manufacture building toys. However, LEGO building blocks are the most costly.

However, that’s not a reason to buy fake Lego despite being significantly cheaper. Let’s discuss why Lego is so expensive, so you can appreciate the value of the real thing.

1. Quality
Authentic LEGO usually is very high quality. It is especially true because they are built to last for a long time. For instance, cone blocks were made far back as the early 1970s, and they are still functional more than five decades later. LEGO blocks are also constructed to withstand constant use and drops.

The plastics that are used in the manufacture of LEGO blocks are very high quality. This plastic material is one that you can smash with a hammer without causing any harm like breakage and deformation.

Such plastic is very expensive to acquire, hence the cost of LEGOs. This cannot be said about knock-off brands whose products are much cheaper.

2. High Tolerance

The manufacturers of the original LEGO work hard towards making this element a reality. The tolerance element makes sure that the blocks work together properly, stick together and are easy to unclutch as well.

The same cannot be said about the cheaper brands in the market. They have been manufactured without as much thought.



3. Packing

If you have bought or gone shopping for LEGO blocks, you have probably noticed that they are packed very precisely. If you were to take a thousand packets and compare how they are packed, you would find that each is packed the exact way as the rest.

This is not easy to achieve, and it cannot be done by human labour. Therefore, LEGO blocks are packed using high-quality equipment that is programmed precisely for this purpose.

4. Extensive Testing

LEGO goes far and beyond in attempts to ensure that their products are user friendly and suitable for all age ranges. For instance, the company tests for the durability and tolerance of the products. Also, the company tests to make sure that those blocks meant for kids below the age of 7 are easy to put together.

During the testing processes, instructions on how to put the blocks together are also made. These instructions help kids who would otherwise get frustrated and lose interest in the games.

5. Wide Range of Products

The scope of LEGO products is extremely high. It is something that knock off brands cannot boast of. Keeping in mind the fact that all these products have to go through the extensive testing process and durability tests, the company spends a lot of money. To recover all the costs of production and make profits, the company sells the products at high costs.

Conclusion on Why LEGO is So Expensive

LEGO is indeed expensive. However, it is not extremely costly. This means that the products are affordable. On the other hand, there are cheaper version in the market. Be wary of such products because they are mostly knock offs and cannot meet the quality of actual LEGO.



Thanks to Cora Harrison for this great guest post

Why LEGO is So Expensive

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