The BEST way to store Lego

Today – The best way to store Lego

The BEST way to store Lego


The best way to store Lego

I am so excited to show you this Momo toy bag, it is, without doubt, the best way to store Lego in my opinion.


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A speedy Lego storage solution

Let me show you how it works ( if your kids love Lego and you can appreciate how long it can take to pick those  bits of Lego up you cannot fail to love this.) It truly is the best way to store Lego and the least time-consuming.  They can even sort and play with it in the bag as they spread the bag out rather than having to tip everything on to the floor..which is a sure fire way for pieces to get lost. I have found so many pieces under sofas and chairs in my time, this bag is a great way to contain the Lego whilst it is being sorted out.


lego bag, the best way to store lego

All you do is open the bag and as you can see in the photo above it pulls wide and flat so the lego is visible and easy to access. When your child is done you simple pull the string to gather it all up. It is a playmat and storage in one very simple solution. How clever is that!



More play potential

Kids can see exactly what they have rather than rummaging through a huge box and to gather it all up you simply pull the strings. Yay! Kids are much more likely to play with toys that are clearly visible and accessible. Our current storage situation involves boxes of lego  ( plastic tubs with lids) being placed high on top of the bookcase. My kids cannot reach these down themselves and when they do they find it really difficult to see what is in them. This is not at all conducive to their play.

This storage bag is really a thing of beauty in its simplicity and ability to solve an annoying and a persistent problem.. I have stepped on just SO many Lego pieces in my time and whilst this is something I know a lot of parents joke  about it isn’t really funny when you doit. It is annoying and irritating and downright painful to be stepping on lego!. This would work for Duplo and train tracks and all sorts really. Such a great idea it a superb way to store Lego.


A sociable way to play

One of the most lovely things about this Lego storage is the way it opens up to let lots of kids gather round to play. Although in many ways lego can be a solitary play experience ist si a shared love and a play mat like his makes building together just so much easier.


Colour and variety in your Lego storage

The bags come in a myriad of colours and various sizes and can be bought from Momo  Including postage the cost is less than 30 Euro which I think is worth every penny! I haven’t stepped on a piece of Lego in ages! Thank goodness for that!

Smaller versions are available too for holidays or trips to see family…what a great concept.

colours lego.


Health and safety issues

To be sure that you have no concerns about the ties in the bag you just need to be aware as you would with any cords.

Obviously for health and safety reasons you need to tie the pully strings up so they aren’t dangling long and loose once you have gathered the Lego back up

More Lego storage ideas

Momo sells other great toy storage too and we particularly loved the Spacy bag in which, rather unbelievably, we managed to fit all my daughter’s cuddly toys into which just made her room look SO much more organised. I was amazed at how much we fitted in! She can also use it as a pouffe and sit on it!

spacy bag

These also come in a host of lovely colours and cost under 30 euro.

There you go annoying storage all sorted you are now the proud owner of some important parenting info.

I do hopeyou have found my post on the best way to store lego to be useful. Drop me a comment below shharing how you store yours!

My kid just love Lego it is their best played with toy and we have a LOT of it. Here are some fun facts about Lego you may not know

10 Lego facts you might just find fascinating

  • Lego is the best selling toy in the UK. Fact.
  • In 2000, LEGO was named “Toy of the Century” by the British Association of Toy Retailers. LEGO beating both the teddy bear and the Barbie doll.
  • It is over 80 years old.
  • On average there are 80 LEGO bricks for every person on earth.
  • LEGO comes from the Danish word leg godt. Leg Godt means “play well” in Danish. Isn’t that fabulous!  LEGO is made from the first two letters of each word.
  • The plural of LEGO is LEGO – never, ever legos.

More fun facts ….

  • LEGO Minifigures are the world’s largest population, with over 4 billion of them around the world!
  • LEGO bricks haven’t changed over the years. A LEGO brick from 1956 fits on a LEGO brick made today. Amazing – it is SO worth hanging onto old sets not only for their resell value but because you can still play with them!
  • Lego is a not just those little bricks your kids love it is WAY more than that. You can get film, games, competitions and six themed amusement park – we have even stayed at the absolutely amazing Lego hotel!
  • Lego friends was not just a matter of making pink and lilac tiles and trying to interest girls in Lego that way. SO much research went into Lego friends to make it the success it was. The research found that girls wanted their characters to have real faces ( not like the traditional yellow Lego men) they wanted their characters to have names and identities. They also wanted the setting for their play to be real and sociable ( classrooms, cafes amusement parks etc) rather than space shops and lost worlds. Girls wanted far more than pastel colours!  Have a look at my post on What  do you think of Lego for girls to find out more about this


As a Lego loving family you may want to check out my Lego Ninjago party ideas




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  1. February 26, 2016 / 12:30 pm

    I think the lego bag is great, but I am completely in love with the teddy bear storage – I always struggle for ideas to keep the millions of fluffy toys tidy, or find myself constantly lining them up!!

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