The BEST way to store Lego

The best way to store Lego

I am so excited to show you this Momo toy bag, it is without doubt the best way to store Lego.

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Let me show you how it works ( if your kids love Lego and you can appreciate how long it can take to pick those  bits of Lego up you cannot fail to love this.)

lego bag

Kids can see exactly what they have rather than rummaging through a huge box and to gather it all up you simple pull the strings. Yay!

A thing of beauty. I have stepped on just SO many Lego pieces in my time . This would work for duplo and train tracks and all sort s really. Such a great idea.

The bags come in a myriad of colours and various sizes and can be bought from Momo  Including postage the cost is less than 30 Euro which I think is worth every penny! I haven’t stepped on a piece of Lego in ages!

Smaller versions are available too for holidays or trips to see family…what a great concept.

colours lego.

(Obviously for health and safety reasons you need to tie the pully strings up so they aren’t dangling long and loose once you have gathered the Lego back up)


Momo sell othr great toy storage tooand we particularly loved the Spacy bag in which, rather unbelievably, we managed to fit all my daughters cuddly toys into which just made her room look SO much more organised. i was amazed how much we fitted in! She can also use it as a poufe and sit on it!

spacy bag

These also come in a host of lovely colours and cost under 30 euro.

There you go annoying storage all sorted.




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  1. February 26, 2016 / 12:30 pm

    I think the lego bag is great, but I am completely in love with the teddy bear storage – I always struggle for ideas to keep the millions of fluffy toys tidy, or find myself constantly lining them up!!

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