DIY Lego Ninjago Party Ideas


A host of DIY Lego Ninjago party ideas that kids will just totally love!


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DIY Lego Ninjago Party Ideas

The new and eagerly awaited first Lego Ninjago Movie is about to hit UK screens. This means lego Ninjago party ideas are a must-have!

How exciting.

To celebrate I have teamed up with Cineworld to bring you some brilliant Lego Ninjago Party Ideas that I think you are going to just LOVE


Movie time and DIY Lego Ninjago Party Ideas

Taking kids to see a great movie for their party with a group of friends is a lovely idea and this is the perfect movie to go all out on a theme. You can pop over to Cineworld now and add the film to your wishlist so you won’t miss the ticket release! It’s out in the UK on October 13th.

This is going to be one VERY popular movie and oh I have so many Lego Ninjago Party Ideas


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I love Lego Ninjago, it is full of great characters and my kids and I thought it was super fun to theme – it seems we are not alone with this. Pinterest is full of brilliant ideas for Lego Ninjago parties. I have pulled together my favourite ideas into a Lego Ninjago Party Pinterest board which you can find here, I have also come up with a few of my own Lego ningjago party ideas and adapted some I have found.

Would you like to see?


DIY Lego Ninjago Party Food Ideas

I like to keep party food simple but fun (you don’t want the prep taking over the day!)


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Lego sandwiches

I have made simple Lego sandwiches (I cut the bread circles with then end of  an icing nozzle.) I attached the bread circles with a dot of jam but you could probably use soft cheese or peanut butter too.


Lego sandwiches, lego brick sandwiches, lego food, Ninjago Party Ideas, lego ninjago party ideas

I have made some nunchucks using strawberry laces and chocolate fingers cut in half.

Ninjago party food, Ninjago party ideas,

The ninja cheese takes just a moment to make and I used chocolate drops for the eyes (raisins would work too.)

Ninjago Party Ideas

The popcorn was simply popped into black popcorn boxes adorned with yellow sticker eyes ( you could easily make your own or  even buy a pack from eBay.)

Ninjago Party Ideas

These ninja weapons were make with Pepero chocolate sticks and strawberry laces.

ninjago party ideas

Fruit and vegetable sticks and crisps can be presented in little ninja stickered cups  or on primary coloured plates to keep to the Lego theme.

Over on my Pinterest board you will find many fabulous Ninjago cake ideas but I am no baker..instead we made basic cupcakes and added rice paper ninjas to keep it simple!

Ninjago Party Ideas, ninjago cupcakes

So minimal effort but effective results for the Ninjago party ideas tea.

DIY Lego Ninjago Party Ideas, lego ninjago party ideas

DIY Lego Ninjago Party Ideas for Party Bags

Oh my goodness were these fun to put together!

I purchased a few of the bits like the brick rubbers and the Lego Ninjago mini-figures but the rest I made myself. There are just so many Lego Ninjago party ideas.


DIY Lego-inspired chocolates

We simply melted a bar of milk chocolate in the microwave ( just 30 seconds blasts and stir till its smooth.) Then we poured it into the chocolate moulds, allowed it to cool and popped it into the fridge to set. So effective!  A little bit of cellophane and a tie and you have a cute Lego sweetie bag.

Ninjago Party Ideas, Lego party bag ideas, lego ninjago party ideas

Lego brick lollies

Also using the mould I melted down some hard candy in the microwave and spooned it into the brick mould ( it was super hot so be careful.)


Ninjago Party Ideas, lego lolly


I had previously cut tiny slits in the side of the brick mould so I could insert the lollipop sticks. Then I popped the lollies into the fridge to harden.


lego lolly, lego party food, lego brick lollipop

Again I popped them into a cellophane bag ready for the party bag.


DIY Lego Ninjago Party – Pencil toppers

Now for really easy Ninjago party ideas. I was so excited to make these super simple pencil toppers and In fact they were so easy I set my kids to work!

They simply involved cutting a circle out of coloured card and a small rectangular strip from the same coloured card for the reverse. We used  the Ninjago eyes cut outs I downloaded from Halegrafx (which you are also free to download for personal use) and simply glued them on to the card. Once dry we flipped them over and centred a pencil of the same colour. We secured it by glueing the card onto the pencil and our Ninjago face. You need to press hard and squidge it in around the pencil to secure it.


Ninjago Party Ideas

DIY Lego Ninjago Party Ideas

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More Lego Ninjago party ideas


DIY Lego Ninjago Party Favors – a word puzzle

My kids love a word puzzle and it is a lovely and inexpensive activity to print off and include in a party bag. I could not find one anywhere that was Ninjago themed so I popped over here and made my own, you can download it here.

It could not really be much easier could it!


Lego word puzzle

Ninjago puzzle, ninjago printable, ninjago wordsearch, ninjago party games, lego ninjago party ideas


To make it look a little fancy and mysterious and so it pops easily in the party bag I folded it in half and rolled it and secured it with red and gold ribbons. Isn’t it just the cutest of lego Ninjago party ideas



lego ninjago party ideas


Here is the complete party bag full of DIY lego Ninjago party ideas


Ninjago favor bag, Ninjago treat bag, Ninjago party bag,Ninjago Party Ideas, DIY lego ninjago party


DIY Lego Ninjago Party Fancy Dress

There are so many brilliant fancy dress Lego Ninjago Party Ideas. I toyed with the idea of making Master Wu’s beard and having every kid carry a cornflake box filled with popcorn into the cinema and whilst this would have looked super cute I can imagine juice in the bears and all sorts going wrong! I thought for ease and lack of irritation I would keep it super simple.

I also thought rather than stressing other parents out by asking them to dress their kids up and finding costumes. Instead, you could simply take along headbands and badges with your prior to the movie and then you could kit every kid out in fancy dress, not just your own.

I bought some headbands made of stretchy elastic so they were really easy to  slip on and I used a silver paint pen (though a gold glitter pen would look brilliant too!) and I did a simple little customisation, providing a little costume idea for each kid  like this is inexpensive and minimal stress for me and way less stress for other parents! Some kids are not big fans of dressing up so something simple like a badge this can work well.


Ninjago fancy dress, Easy Ninjago fancy dress, DIY ninjago headband, DIY lego ninjago party ideas

DIY lego ninjago party ideas

Ninja badges  – Lego Ninjago Party Ideas

These cute badges are one of my favourite Lego Ninjago party ideas. They do get you into the spirit of things. I made mine using picmonkey and the Shojumaru font. You could even make them using individual children’s names (so you don’t forget) or  you could type on them ‘It’s ___ Ninja birthday party’ – whatever you want really!

However if you just want to download and print out  a sheet of my black and red badges onto card you can do so here

Ninja in training badges

You can either use a badge making kit like this one to pop in the insert or alternately you could just print these out on sticker paper.

lego ninjago party ideas


DIY Lego Ninjago Party Success

So that’s it! A host of  ‘take the kids to the cinema to see the Ninjago movie then bring them back for tea’ ideas! Hope you like them and please leave me any DIY Lego Ninjago Party Ideas you come up within the comments.

Let’s inspire each other with our DIY Lego Ninjago Party ideas


Check out my post on Lego for girls too!


This DIY Lego Ninjago Party Ideas post  is a collaborative post with Cineworld































  1. September 8, 2017 / 9:12 pm

    I love the nunchucks – they are just ace – pinned and going to add to my post.

  2. September 9, 2017 / 8:17 am

    Absolutely brilliant! What a fantastic idea for a party!
    Mum’s would earn mega brownie points for this!

  3. September 9, 2017 / 8:59 am

    such simple ideas, but they all look great. I particularly like the edible weapons and lego lollies!

  4. September 9, 2017 / 9:04 am

    Wow, this is fabulous. So many brilliant ideas. My son is very excited about this film coming out. I can’t wait to take him to see it. We have so much Ninjago lego in our house, I guess more will be arriving soon. Xx

  5. Catherine
    September 9, 2017 / 12:14 pm

    Wow what a load of fab ideas! I love that lots of them are homemade, such a personal touch.

  6. September 9, 2017 / 11:18 pm

    Thanks Jen – loved your ideas too

  7. September 11, 2017 / 12:16 pm

    Oh wow I love what you came up with! We had a lot of fun doing our party prep too, I just had to stop the boys eating everything before I was ready with my video and photos ha!

    Stevie x
    Stevie – A Cornish Mum recently posted..Ninjago Movie Party Ideas with CineworldMy Profile

  8. September 13, 2017 / 6:17 pm

    Oh my goodness, so many clever ideas here! I kinda wanna go to a Lego Ninja party myself now!! xx

  9. September 13, 2017 / 10:09 pm

    Fab ideas here! I love Lego

  10. September 14, 2017 / 1:37 pm

    Becky, you’re so creative! I love these ideas, and my favourite thing in this post? The numchucks!! I would never have thought of doing that. You’re a genius

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