Ways to use up apples

Today – Ways to use up apples



Ways to use up apples

All set to put those gorgeous apples to use? We have you covered. This super sweet and juicy fruit is incredibly versatile, and there’s so many ways to experiment with it. Read on to discover the 7 best ways to utilize apples!


Apple Butter

Probably the easiest way to use apples is to turn them into apple butter, which you can spread over your morning toast. All you need to do is combine some cored and chopped apples with vanilla extract, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, cloves, a bit of ginger and some Kosher salt in a crock pot until cooked completely. Then, blitz it all together with a stick blender, strain it and that’s it!

Ways to use up apples – Apple Stuffed French Toast

Got some thick French bread? Why not team it up with those apples and whip up a nice French toast? Simply slice the bread 1 inch thick diagonally and create a slit in the centre to form a sort of pocket. Fill the pocket with 3 spoonfuls of apple filling (made using chopped apples cooked on high with some sweetener and cinnamon powder). Dip each pocket into a mixture of milk, whisked eggs and vanilla extract, and cook on both sides.

PB-Apple Bars

Crunchy and a little sweet and salty, these bars can be the perfect snack option when you’re hungry on the go! Just make a batch of them, pop them in the freezer and take one with you the next time you’re heading out to run an errand.

All you need to do is combine peanut butter with some vanilla, salt, honey and egg white and whisk it well. In another bowl, mix toasted oats with some chopped almonds, roughly chopped pretzels and chopped dried apples.Combine these two, spread the mixture on a baking dish and bake until lightly browned.


Apple Chutney

With the sweetness of apples and the tanginess of cranberries, you definitely need to give the apple chutney a try. Making it is super easy too. You just need to combine some dried cranberries with chopped apples, some minced ginger, a red onion, some dried apricots and some sugar in a pot, let it cook completely and blitz it all together to form a uniform, even chutney!


Apple & Kohlrabi Pickle

Time to take your pickle game up a notch folks! Apple and kohlrabi come together wonderfully in this quick pickle recipe. All you need to do is slice cucumbers, kohlrabi and apples into thin slices, and add them to a jar half-filled with a hot mixture of vinegar, water, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.


More ways to use up apples-  Apple Chips

You can never go wrong with apple chips. Simply slice apples into thin strips, lay them out on a baking tray lined with baking paper, sprinkle a little cayenne pepper powder over them and bake until crisp.

ways to use up apples

Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

Warm, rustic and super delicious- you’ll be surprised at how little effort this one takes! All you need to do is combine boiled butternut squash with some chopped apples, a little maple syrup, curry powder, some chicken stock and greek yoghurt and cook well. Blitz it all together into a uniform mixture and season with some salt and pepper!


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