Why homes make the best birthday party places

Today  –  why homes make the best birthday party places

I   have thrown birthday parties for my kids everywhere. We have had cinema parties and countelss swimming parties. We have had a climbing party, a rafting party and a canoeing party.

This year my children have decided they want a party at home. I think homes make the best birthday party places and they would always be my top choice. Let me tell you why:


Homes make the best birthday party places

So many reasons why homes are best!

birthday party places

Homes have doors you can lock

When  I have taken groups of kids to soft play or swimming I have constantly been counting heads. This is especially important with smaller kids as they can quickly disappear. In your own home, you can lock the front and back doors and relax while all the children have their fun. This makes things so much safter as you know exactly where everyone is


You won’t need to worry about stranger danger

When kids pop to the loo or are out of your sight you won’t need to worry about them getting lost and you also don’t need to worry about stranger danger. The only people in your home are those you have let in!


You can decorate your home as you please

A home based party makes having a theme really so much easier. There are a huge amount of wonderful places you can buy themed decs from and transform your home into exactly the sort of environment your child craves. You don’t need to ask any party venues permission you can just do as you please.

You have more time

When you book a party venue you tend to get a slot of time and within that time you get a short slot for setting up and packing away. This can prove super stressful and not be at all conducive to a relaxed start to the party. Hosting a party in your home means you can set up the night before if you wish and you can decorate at your leisure so you are feeling chilled and everything looks exactly as you want it too.


You can cater as you please

Over the years I have been bored to tears making up sandwich bags for parties. I long to just chuck a couple of large pizzas in the oven and avoid all the sandwich making. When you host a party at home you can cook whatever you wish and you know it will be hot if you wish it to be and you know it will be ready when you are ready for it.  This can make life so much easier.


It’s so, so much cheaper

It really is SO much cheaper to host a party from your home. According to the Daily Star (Jan 2018)  parents typically spend £433.39 on birthday parties during the primary years. Wow. It may be a little stressful doing it your self but oh my! think of the money.


Over  to you

So you can see there are a host of good reasons why homes make the best birthday party places. You might also like a peek at my post on How to save on kids toys

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  1. January 27, 2019 / 2:18 pm

    Parties at home are SO much cheaper. We’re definitely going to take that approach this year.

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