Protecting Your Families Privacy

Today – Protecting Your Families Privacy

There has been a real stress reclaiming privacy this year after so much fallout in 2018 about people’s privacy being invaded online

Privacy online is such a big issue. We really lay our lives out online these days, don’t we? And we are vulnerable, we are so vulnerable. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018 was a wake-up call.  Cambridge Analytica had harvested data of millions of people’s Facebook profiles without their consent and used it for political purposes. Suddenly everyone got a bit scared – and rightly so.


Protecting Your Families Privacy in 2019

Protecting your families privacy – the issues

It is so important that we are aware of our vulnerabilities online and know how to address them

Social privacy

Through Facebook and through Instagram and a variety of other social networks people share details that are super private, People talk about their health and their work, their location, where they are off to on holiday, how they vote, what causes they are interested in and more. It is so, so easy to build up a picture of someone.  These details cannot only lead to fraud, burglaries, stalking and cat-fishing they can also lead to grooming and worse. Online privacy is important and we need to be safe.


Financial privacy

We share our bank details with businesses online all the time. Our purchasing history gets tracked by companies and we get specifically targeted by adverts – they know what we like, what we have bought and we are vulnerable to all our details being accessed. Our financial data – wrongly placed can lead to theft and fraud. We are really so very exposed and have to be so careful.

What can help


In Europe in 2018, every business was in a flap getting GDPR in place. Whilst it may have seemed a huge inconvenience to companies to have to implement  GDPR (the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation) it has given a lot of power back to the consumer about how their data is shared and controlled. This is a very good thing where privacy is involved.



Apps like Snapchat and private messengers apps have come to the fore allowing more and secure private conversations. Facebook and Twitter are no longer so popular with tech-savvy kids.



VPN’s are also hugely growing in popularity becuse of their ability to keep data shared online safe.

A VPN Is a virtual private network. A VPN can mask  IP addresses and enable you to access websites without your location being visible and without your details being trackable. Basically, it hides your online actions thus ensuring privacy. These are particularly useful if accessing the web in a way you want to be private. The destination site sees the VPN server as the traffic origin, not you, and your location and identity is kept private and safe.

Have a look at this VPN privacy guide for more useful information on this.


So yes solutions are coming into play and we are all taking online privacy more seriously. Nothing beats common sense though does it

  • Keep your holiday details offline as well as when and where you are out  and about
  • Do not respond to strangers trying to make contact
  • Only use trusted and reputable brands
  • Never ever give anyone your password. Make passwords strong and un-guessable.

Keep safe everyone!


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