What you do and don’t need for your little one’s arrival


Ooh, it is so confusing, isn’t it – all the wondering what you do and don’t need for your little one’s arrival

When you have a baby you are overwhelmed with lists of things you need. These lists will come from magazines and blogs, from well-meaning friends and family members and undoubtedly you will feel overloaded and like you need a huge pile of money!


do and don't need for your little one's arrival

It is really important to sit down and figure out what you must have, could have and don’t have to have for your little one’s arrival.

If you are working to a budget (which, let’s face it, almost all of us are) then working out what you need and what is useful in line with your budget is your best guide,

What you do and don’t need for your little one’s arrival

Basically, it is about working out what you really need, what is useful and what is a waste of money.



A good new carseat is a must and non-negotiable. It does not have to be all singing and dancing but it does obviously need to be completely fit for purpose.

A pushchair/pram does not have to be brand new and you can get great quality second hand or refurbished pushchairs and prams from local facebook selling groups/eBay/gumtree etc. As this can be a really expensive outlay do think about getting a good quality vehicle that will last as long as possible and do shop around,

Bedroom and furniture accessories

You could go a bit wild splashing the cash on baby furniture you just don’t really need, Cot bumpers, for example, may go beautifully with your curtains and bedding but are absolutely not a necessity and the NHS advise they are unsafe so are best avoided. Personally, I always found plain accessories such as neutral coloured lampshades and curtains meant that when I did update bedding I did not feel the need to re-buy everything.

Oh, I have had my share of cheap MDF disasters in the furniture department and honestly, it has just fallen apart and is not worth the initial savings.  I am a huge advocate of buying good quality furniture.

Buying the cheapest(several times over) does not make good financial sense.

It is also good to look for sets which ‘grow with the child’ as they are out of cots and cot beds quick as a flash.

For those of you with limited spaces and an eye for longevity I have found a wonderful combo cot bed that also has brilliant storage,

Isn’t that just fabulous?

It would also double as your changing table too saving you on additional costs.


do and don't need for your little one's arrival


Sometimes buying a nursery set is the best option as you get a better deal ( just make sure you really need everything included.) I really like these affordable nursery furniture sets



Don’t they look great?


Toys – What you do and don’t need for your little one’s arrival

A few special toys are lovely – my babies both loved their activity mats, a few favourite baby books, a special rattle and a favoured blankie and cuddly. They absolutely did not use or need the HUGE amount of toys we had bought in advance though. Take your time buying toys – they really don’t need many –  in fact, fresh air and friendly faces make babies the happiest.


Babies grow so fast that often their best baby clothes only get worn a handful of times (if at all!) My advice would be if you are offered any pre-loved baby clothes say a big fat  YES! They will only be lightly worn and you will get to save your money for other things. Obviously, you will want to choose a couple of outfits yourself but do not underestimate how many changes a day they will make and oh, how much puree can stain! Cheap sleepsuits are very wise.


So these are my tips for the must-haves and the avoids.

Is there anything you would add to this list?


What you do and don’t need for your little one’s arrival is a collaborative post







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