Fabulous, free online baby book app 23Snaps

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For mums and dads who’ve ever worried about posting baby photos on Facebook, free mobile app 23snaps is well worth a look.

Created by proud dad and London-based entrepreneur Ivailo Jordanov, 23snaps is much like an online baby book that allows parents to share photos and videos of their little ones with a select group of family and close friends.

It works like a private social network, sending notifications to grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, or anyone who has been invited to the network, when new content is added. Perfect for people whose family is spread around the UK or further afield, but don’t want their loved ones to miss out on first teeth, first steps or first words.

Parents can add retro-style or black and white filters and captions to give their photos some extra flair, while those in their network can comment on videos and photos, or add emoticons in response.

The app will automatically log the date and location of the photo or video, building a personalised timeline of their child, much like a family photo album. And, of course, parents with bigger broods can set up profiles for multiple children.

For peace of mind, all content is completely private to your network, unless mums and dads chose to post content to their Facebook pages too.

Those unable to use apps can subscribe to regular email digests instead or login through the website, 23snaps.com.

The app is available on iPhone right now and will be available for iPad imminently, with an Android version in the pipeline too.

Download it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/23snaps/id526481189?mt=8 or check out the website: www.23snaps.com


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