What Should You Call Your Baby In 2012?

Are you expecting a bundle of joy this year but unsure what to call it? The Baby Names Guide has revealed the top baby names for 2012.

In a survey of almost 3,000 parents, it has been found that the most popular baby boy name this year is Oliver and the most popular baby girl’s name is Olivia.

Findings by the website show that traditional British boy’s names such as Jack, Harry and Thomas have made a comeback and this could be contributed to the fact that the leading member of the hottest boy band at the moment, One Direction, has the name Harry.

According to the study, the top 10 baby girl names for 2012 are Olivia, Lily, Sophie, Jessica, Emily, Ruby, Chloe, Amelia, Grace and Mia. Celebrities that have these names and that have braced television screens as of late include X Factor contestant Amelia Lily and Jessica Wright from The Only Way Is Essex.

The 10 most popular baby boy names for 2012 are Oliver, Jack, Harry, Charlie, Thomas, Alfie, William, James, Joshua and George. It could be argued that the rising popularity of the name William is down to the fact that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, got married last year and over 30 million UK homes tuned in to watch the Royal wedding.

So if you are expecting a new-born this year, why not consider some of the names mentioned above but make sure you celebrate its arrival by throwing baby showers in honour of the darling. For those on a budget baby shower gifts.can be as simple as a beautiifully written poem for the baby or an apple seed and pretty pot to plant it in on the day they are born.

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If you are still not very keen on the names, it has been said that the top baby name trends for this year are modern hero names and adjectives such as Strong, Sunny and True. David Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven has also triggered the trend of ‘number names’ and according to Nameberry.com, the consonant of the moment is M including Maisie, Miller and Magnus. Vintage names that end in ‘ie’ are another trend such as Hattie, Nellie and Lottie.

Whatever you decide to callyour baby remeber they have a long time to live with it!

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