What is a Reverse Advent Calender? #Foodbankadvent

What is a Reverse Advent Calender and how do they work and why are these so very beneficial for foodbanks?

Foodbanks and how they work

The Trussell Trust typically sees a 45% spike in referrals for the three-day emergency food parcels in the two weeks before Christmas. Everyone who comes to a Trussell Trust food bank will have been referred by a frontline professional agency such as Citizens Advice, housing associations and children’s centres; they are given a voucher to exchange for the parcel.


 What is a Reverse Advent Calender


What is a Reverse Advent Calender and have you heard of #foodbankadvent?

It is a campaign to make sure those foodbanks are really well stocked this Christmas so those in need get what they need. No one should go hungry should they and this really should be the season of goodwill and giving, so how can we help? We can make a reverse advent calendar.

Here’s my daughter to explain what it is all about.

Please head over to here to find your local food bank and find out what items they need  (think long life like pot noodles rather than mince pies.)



Some top tips

  • Tis really important to get those donations in early December and not Xmas Eve so there is time to pack and distribute for Christmas time.
  • Do call your local food bank/shelter and ask them what they need.


How else could you help

  • Share this post from UK Money Bloggers with others so that they can join in Please use #FoodBankAdvent on social media.
  • Get your kids involved and help them understand what you are doing.
  • Tell everyone you know and encourage them to do this too!


Please do get involved, This is a lovely family/classroom/office project in the run-up to Christmas and it can make such a difference

What is a Reverse Advent Calender? well now you know – so please do get involved.

If you need to watch the pennies  then may I recommend my extensive list of Frugal UK blogs to inspire you


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  1. November 8, 2018 / 9:26 am

    This is such a great idea and I’m definitely up for participating- there’s lots of food banks in my local area (a sad fact, to be honest) and this is a great way for me to get involved. Thanks for posting.

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