Easy Slimming World Quiche

Today – easy slimming world quiche

easy slimming world quiche

Easy Slimming World quiche – speedy and delicious

This simple quiche is just super delicious and such a speedy and an easy slimming world lunch idea you will be so glad you learned to make it. It also works really well as an evening meal with a big pile of slimming world chips – yum!

Uses up your leftovers in your easy slimming world quiche

I am a massive believer in using up your leftovers and saving yourself money but NOT throwing food away! A quiche is a brilliant way to do this. You might also like my recipe for secret veg onion bhajis – also slimming world friendly


Is this easy slimming world quiche Syn-free?

It’s syn free so you can munch as much as you like of it – now isn’t that brilliant!


Is the easy slimming worl quiche versatile?

In the ingredient list below you can pretty much switch any of the veg for anything that can be fried in fry light and that takes your fancy / that you have leftover.

Recipe for easy slimming world quiche

  • 6 plum tomatoes thinly sliced
  • 3 free range eggs
  • 150g fat free natural cottage cheese
  • 1 yellow pepper, diced
  • I large red onion chopped
  • 1 large courgette, diced
  • 4 slices quorn ham chopped
  • 3 large mushrooms sliced
  • seasoning
  • chopped parsley

Method for easy slimming world quiche

  • Prep your veg and fry it in fry light
  • MIx eggs, 150g fat-free natural cottage cheese and some chopped parsley, salt and pepper
  • Spread cooked  vegetables out in an oven-proof flan dish then pour over the egg mix
  • Cook for 30 minutes until set and  golden

Lovely cold and sliced in a packed lunch or hot with a pile of slimming world chips and salad – yum.


Use your leftovers and spare veg everybody and save your pennies with this yummy SW quiche recipe


slimming world quiche, easy slimming world quiche


Pop over to Slimming World for a host of fab recipes and see more of my food posts here.

I do hope you enjoy making this easy slimming world quiche. I am a big fan of SW and a huge fan of simple staple recipes you can turn to again and again. You dont need to be on slimming world to enjoy this easy slimming world quiche recipe it just is a fabulous, inexpensive simple and healthy recipe that uses up your leftovers. What more could any of us want from a recipe than that really!


More healthy and lovely food!

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