Secret Veg Onion bhajis

Today – Secret veg onion bhajis

Secret veg onion bhajis

Secret veg onion bhajis

Guest post from Bronni Hughes at

Welcome to our new weekly series of budget veggie recipes and huge thanks to Bronni for submitting the first recipe!

Onion bhajis from the takeaway are such a treat, however, they can arrive laden with oil. Here’s my lighter version to make at home – they’re not quite as crunchy but they’re relatively diet-friendly. I’ve worked them out to be syn free and suitable for SP days on Slimming World, as well as being 0 points on WeightWatchers. They’re gluten-free and veggie, too!

If you’re cooking for a fussy eater who doesn’t like a strong onion taste, if you soften the onion in a frying pan before you add it to the mixture it’ll make it milder.

Based on Aldi prices this recipe should cost £2.37 to buy the ingredients to make it (and you’ve got enough to make this twice, plus two bonus eggs). This isn’t including the store cupboard ingredients like Frylight, salt, pepper and spices – but I have some tips to help you save money on spices in my blog post.


Ingredients for Secret veg onion bhajis

Makes: 24 small bhajis, or 12 large ones – serves 4 as a side

Prep time 15 minutes, cooking time 20 minutes

Half a butternut squash

3 small or 1.5 large red onions

2 eggs

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp curry powder

1 tsp cumin

Salt and pepper



  • Preheat your oven to 200°C/180°C fan. Spray two baking trays generously with Frylight and put them in the oven while it preheats, it’ll help your bhajis become more crispy all over.
  • Prepare your veg. I find it easier to peel your butternut squash with a normal potato peeler, then grate it with a cheese grater on the largest setting. I usually squeeze out some of the excess moisture in the grated squash with my hands over the sink, but no worries if you forget this step! Peel and slice your onions into fine half-moons.
  • Once all of your veg is in a large bowl, season well then add your spices and two beaten eggs. Use a wooden spoon to evenly mix together your ingredients.


Secret Veg Onion bhajis


  • Take one of your preheated trays out of the oven and create small heaps of your egg and vegetable mixture on them. Make sure you get a good amount of squash and onion in each pile. Spray each bhaji with a couple of sprays of Frylight to ensure maximum crispiness.
  • Put your tray into the oven, and repeat the process with the other preheated tray. Set a timer for 20 minutes. Once your timer goes off you should be able to smell a gorgeous spiced aroma emanating from your kitchen. It’s time to take a peek at your bhajis.
  • The ends of the onions should have turned a deep brown colour if they’re ready. If you think they don’t look crispy enough for you I recommend re-spraying them with Frylight and putting them under the grill for a few minutes.

I find these are best served alongside a curry with either mango chutney or a lovely homemade raita (yogurt sauce). Enjoy!


Secret veg onion bhajis

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