What can you do when you need some quick cash?

Sometimes we just do need extra cash. This week for example I have had my car fail its MOT , the plumbing go in the bathroom and swimming payments do and and bizarrely only one school cardigan for my daughter..goodness knows what she is doing with them!

Sometimes the reality is we do just need money quickly.

Rather than head down the frankly  quite scary path of pay day loans there are other options you have if you need some quick cash. Let’s explore a few of them.

You could certainly have a good look through your wardrobe. Getting  cash for clothes is possible from a variety of outlets and children’s clothes sell really well in bundles. A quick mend wash and iron can make all the difference. Obviously how much you get depends on the label and condition and age of your item.
You could also have a good look through you cd and dvd collection and again explore your options to make a quick sale.

Old jewellery is often bought over the counter from jewellers. Don’t feel guilty selling it if you need the cash it is no use to anyone just sat in a drawer unless its very sentimental

Old sofas often hide lots of cash if you need some quick. Likewise it may be a good idea to search old handbags, coats that haven’t been warn for a while and your car. It’s amazing how much you can gather up!

If you are good to repay it you could always borrow what you needed from  family or  firiends (thought not ideal it can ruin friendships so only do this if you can return it promptly! )

Alternately you could get some extra work offering babysits. cake baking, car fixing…whatever you can offer but do remember you may need to declare this for tax purposes.

Good luck finding what you need!



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