50 Easy Ways to Save Money

Today – 50 easy ways to save money.


50 Easy Ways to Save Money


50 Easy Ways to Save Money

I have a great list of 50 easy ways to save money for you here today,

Saving money isn’t easy. We all have bills to pay, surprise expenses, and basic needs. We also don’t want to deprive ourselves of little joys in life. People often recommend cutting back on coffee, but how disappointing would life be without your favorite blend?

You can save money without missing out on the things you love. Not every tip on this list will be feasible for you and your family, which is why there are 50 easy wayss to save money money-saving tactics to choose from. Find what works best for your household, and get ready to have a go at these

Huge list of 50 Easy ways to save money

50 easy ways to save money

  1. Meal plan each and every week
  2. Save on shipping and stream movies with Amazon Prime
  3. Buy ugly produce (it’s still edible!)
  4. Buy generic OTC medication instead of brand names
  5. Find a cheaper grocery store, like Aldi
  6. Download the Honey extension for Google Chrome for online savings
  7. Read great budgeting blogs like this one or Family-Budgeting
  8. Take public transportation
  9. Walk more when it makes sense to do so
  10. Carry a refillable water bottle instead of buying bottled water  –  Ready for more in our 50 easy ways to save money list…?
  11. Find a cheaper coffee shop
  12. Become a housesitter
  13. Carpool when you’re all going to the same location
  14. Cut out your landline phone if your family has cell phones
  15. Buy during semi-annual and flash sales
  16. Use generic cleaning supplies instead of brand name products
  17. Find high-quality duplicates of your favorite luxury makeup brands
  18. Find free concerts to go to
  19. Take your family to free parks and beaches
  20. Find inexpensive after-school activities at your local library
  21. Rent books from the library instead of buying them. Library cards are way cheaper than books, and you don’t need books you’ll never read again lying around in your home.
  22. Rent formal attire instead of buying it – you know you’re only going to wear it once!
  23. If your data bill is too high from overuse, switch to an unlimited plan. You may save hundreds on your phone bill if your whole family is abusing your data plan!
  24. Shop at discount clothing stores or hut the second hand shops
  25. Use your recycling bin to craft from and create a homemade craft box
  26. Make your own laundry detergent, or find a cheaper brand.
  27. Buy certain home essentials in bulk, but not food. Think toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags – things that won’t go bad, and things you actually use a lot of.
  28. Eat before you go to the movies to avoid buying overpriced popcorn and soda.
  29. Drink before you go to the bar to avoid ridiculous upcharges. If you must drink at the bar, carry cash on you to avoid paying card minimums, and go to bars that don’t have a cover charge.
  30. Use music streaming services instead of buying individual albums. One month of unlimited streaming can cost just as much as one album. Why waste your money?
  31. Use your credit card’s rewards program on travel and shopping expenses. Some cards even let you use points to pay off bills!
  32. Use WiFi instead of data whenever you can if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. Look for local hotspots wherever you go.
  33. Cancel your subscriptions to services you no longer use. Check out your most recent bill to see what you’re paying for. The amount you can save may shock you!
  34. At a BOGO 50% Off sale, resist the urge to buy that second item. If you don’t already need two of something, you’re spending more money than you need to!
  35. Don’t spend more online just to get free shipping (unless you’re close to that threshold already). It usually isn’t worth it, and you’ll often wind up spending more.
  36. Consider using the anti-shopping list
  37. At restaurants, get an appetizer to share instead of one for each person. This is especially helpful if you’re paying for everyone’s meals.
  38. Compare local buffet prices to your favorite restaurants – they may offer you a better deal!
  39. Only turn your fast food meal into a combo if you were already going to buy the extras anyway. If you don’t need fries, don’t get them!
  40. Use a reusable or electric razor for shaving,. Disposable razors add up in cost, and they aren’t even that effective!
  41. Use a 2-in-1 body wash and shaving lotion. Make sure it has a moisturizing formula!
  42. Save restaurants for special occasions. One night out could cost as much as two weeks of groceries! How to save money on family meals is well worth exploring
  43. Dye your hair at home (if you know how to). Use vegan dyes that don’t require bleach. Alternatively, have a friend help you.
  44. Make your own Halloween costumes, or find hassle-free alternatives. Here are some last-minute DIY options.
  45. Buy less expensive gifts for everyone and make them where you can
  46. Hire an at-home dog sitter instead of boarding your pet. Boarding houses are filled with germs, anyway.
  47. Book your travel tickets and lodging ahead of time when planning for a vacation. Plane ticket prices increase as your departure date nears.
  48. Use AirBnB, hostels, or Couchsurfing when travelling. Couchsurfing is free!
  49. Don’t buy more perishables than you can eat in a week. They’ll rot before you get to them! Such a simple point in our 50 easy ways to save money but so valuable!
  50. Order combination meals at Chinese takeout restaurants. Oftentimes, they’re much cheaper than what you’d pay for everything separately.


Easy ways to save money – is easy!

Saving money usually seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! You can keep your warm showers and trips to the movies by switching out expensive things for cheaper alternatives. You won’t regret making these changes these 50 easy ways to save money could truly help

50 easy ways to save money

Could you add more to our 50 easy ways to save money?

What could you add to this bumper list of 50 Easy Ways to Save Money? Please leave me your best easy ways to save money in the comments below. I truly believe the best way we have to save money is to learn from each other. I am a big believer in money-saving community and advice shared around by word of mouth. You might like my post on what to do when you need some quick cash

Ooh I have a new bonus one you can save more money on a vegan diet


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50 easy ways to save money

50 Easy ways to save money quickly

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