Toys with lots of play possibilities

Today – Toys with lots of play possibilities

What criteria do you think about when purchasing a child’s toy?

Some toys are one-minute wonders, aren’t they?  Items that they see on TV and think look excellent but actually aren’t all that great. Often these are toys based on a TV show that goes out of favour or get grown out of.

Sometimes toys that you really believed will be well-loved just for some reason don’t float your child’s boat. Some toys are a bit one dimensional and get boring after a bit.


Toys with lots of play possibilities

Some toys, however, have a huge amount of play possibilities You know the kind I mean. Balls for example. They can be thrown, rolled, used in tennis or cricket, played catch with or a game of bowling can be set up..lots of possibilities and so a toy that is very good value for money.

Dolls are another good buy …you can dress them, push them in a pram, feed them, bathe them and playschools with them. Many options!



Sylvanain families are a huge hit with my little girl. She takes her little rabbits and cats out in her pockets, puts them to bed, takes them on holiday in their little camper van and even has tea parties with them, She adores them, It really is lovely to see her imagination at work as she plays with them.  You can buy lots of sets and add ons in the range which means she can grow her collection over time.

As she grows she interacts differently with these toys ..she’ll be teaching Spanish next to the Sylvanian cats, she has been trying to teach me but I keep getting distracted. Those cats are a captive audience.  Her dollies have their own register now!

Toys like dolls, balls, animals and castles have a long life and a lot of use and are what I think of as good investment buys. I would always recommend you look at multiple play possibilities as criteria for buying a toy.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on toys with lots of play possibilities – if so you might also like my post on toys that last the distance



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    i agree with your point and a nice suggestion

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