Trash Pack Scum Drum Playset Review

New from Flair toys  is the Trash Pack – Scum Drum Playset. It is marketed as suitable for boys aged 6-11 years. I think it’s quite unisex actually. My daughter is 5 and collects these cute little creatures too. Trash Packs are dustbins with little creatures (Trashies) inside. They are meant to be gross and slimy and they are a bit but  I think they are really cute. My kids have been collecting these ever since I bought them home from a toy show back in July.  I think they are going to be as big as GoGo’s. Over a million packs have been sold since they were first launched in January this year.

Trash Pack series 2 launched earlier this summer and has over 100 new Trashies to join the gang. Inevitably they needed some playsets to hang out in!  We3were sent the Scum Drum Playset to review much to my two’s absolute delight.

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Trash Pack Scum Drum Playset Review

It can be played with in lots of different ways but basically you launch the little Trashies at the playset and  and watch them tumble through the sewer pipe and into the trash pile. Get the most Trashies on target and you’ll be  the winner. There are lots of versions of the game though to keep it interesting It comes with two exclusive and two ultra-rare Trashies.

All good fun though I miss regularly!! It appeals to that gross side of little kids that like talking about poo, etc. (I’m sure anyone with a school age child knows what I mean)

Currently £19.99 on Amazon this product is selling really well! We really like it.

I have written about these Trash Packs before and I stand by my prediction. I do think they are going to be the next playground craze.


I hope you enjoyed out Trash Pack Scum Drum Playset Review


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