New Trash Pack Toys & Products

today – new trash pack toys

Oh the excitement in our house when a big box of brand new trash pack toys arrived!

Do you want to see what new products are on the shelves.

new trash pack toys

New Trash Pack Toys

My son has  long loved trashpacks toys and was delighted to receive these and what a wonderful collection !

From John Adams there was a science game and trashies families card game which are both loads of fun!

There was a Trash Pack sticker scene book from Parragon (perfect for car journeys or a bit of quiet play )

3 x foil bags of  trashies from Flair – the perfect pocket money toy

plus a trash pack rucksack from trademark collections and a lovely green t-shirt with trashpacks on from Fashions UK. How fabulous.

The trading cards and a Trash Pack trading card game came from Giromax  (my 8 year old son loves trading cards!)

So some exciting new trash pack toys and products all on the lovely, mucky,  slimy trash pack theme.


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  1. mercedes
    July 20, 2015 / 4:19 am

    How can I get something like this for my son?

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