Preparing your bathroom for a new baby

Preparing your bathroom for a new baby

Getting your home ready for a new baby is such a lovely thing to do.

Preparing  a nursery is an exciting time and I remember painting ours a few weeks before I was due and just grinning all day. We went for white and pale blue and kept the room very simple with just a cot and books shelves.

I suppose its part of the nesting instinct but I recall wanting all my home to be lovely ready for my new baby. I remember insisting my husband redecorate every room. He refused however  but did tackle a few essential jobs like damp patches and leaky guttering.

I also wanted the bathroom to be nice for my baby so we spruced that up too with a repaint and fresh towels and the like. Over at  Pioneer Bathrooms there are lovely bathrooms to take inspiration from.

Aren’t these gorgeous?

New bathroom accessories like taps, a new shower rail, new plugs and perhaps a new bin can make a big difference to a bathroom and really smarten it up and make it look both cleaner and fresher.

Babies don’t really need a lot but they do need clean, hygienic environments so to have a fresh sparkly clean looking bathroom is a lovely start for them.

Big fluffy towels were really important too as only the softest would do  for my babies. I had a baby bath for them to start with and later a little bath seat set that helped prop them up.

Later still came non slip bath mats and a few toys! For such a tiny baby you can end up with a whole heap of ‘stuff’…not that you actually need it but it does seem to accumulate. So you are going to have to consider where to put a baby bath and the various paraphernalia. Flexi baths are an option of course as they fold flat and store away too.

We had laminate already but if you don’t then carpets really do need replacing with easy to clean laminate or tiles as babies do have accidents when naked and relaxed after bathing that don’t always come out of carpets! It won’t matter initially but within months  blind pulls/shaving items would need to be well out the way too as do any medicines/cleaning products for safety reasons.

You don’t have to splash out too  much though on baby stuff for your bathroom.  We found our babies liked to use plastic stacking beakers best in the bath so there regular toys you would then became their bath toys along with our measuring jugs.

Have fun getting your bathroom baby ready!


Written in collaboration with Pioneer Bathrooms



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