How to Decorate a Baby’s Room on a Budget

How to Decorate a Baby’s Room on a Budget

With baby boutiques springing up left, right and centre, and many homewear stores expanding their nursery décor sections, it’s hard not to be bombarded with beautiful ideas for your new baby’s first bedroom. With sneak peaks into the nurseries of Hollywood A-listers courtesy of gossip mags, and a growing number of home décor publications hitting the racks, there’s certainly a lot of inspiration out there.

 Your little one will be just as happy with some family hand-me-downs, and you can use your own creativity to decorate a room that’s truly unique for your baby, not a carbon copy of something you’ve seen in a magazine. Allianz Your Cover  provides you with some simple tips to create the perfect room for your baby within a reasonable budget.

 Safety first

 While getting the look of your baby’s new room right might be foremost in your mind, the really important thing is to create an environment that’s truly safe. It helps to create a checklist of safety issues to address to get the room in order. Current safety regulations are there for a reason, and it’s vitally important that any furniture, equipment or accessories that you buy for your new baby meet these standards – used or borrowed items that don’t meet current standards are anything but a bargain, so avoid them and get only the safest possible items for your newborn.

 Don’t be afraid to buy second hand

 Most baby items only get used fleetingly, with the baby outgrowing them quickly. So a lot of second hand baby items – clothing, toys, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories – you can pick up in barely-used, nearly-new condition. By keeping a look out at online, at flea markets, car boot sales and second hand baby boutiques, you’ll find slightly-used items at discounted prices – and you can find higher quality items than you would be able to afford buying new too.

How to Decorate a Baby’s Room on a Budget

 Heavenly hand-me-downs

 Friends and relatives are sure to offer up hand-me-downs, and they will really help you save. Clothing that’s pre-worn is softer for your baby too. Don’t be afraid to ask people you know who have young ones if there’s anything they’d be willing to let you borrow – in no time you’ll be inundated with offers!

 Get creative

 Putting your own design skills to the test can be a fun and affordable way to decorate. Re-paint hand-me-down furniture, stencil those walls, or paint a mural of your own!

 Plan for later

 Get better value for money by creating room that will still suit your child as it grows older. So, instead of decorating the whole room head-to-toe in teddy bear wallpaper, opt for a plain shade and a cute teddy bear border that you easily remove or paint over later as your child outgrows it.

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  1. Max
    August 12, 2013 / 3:39 pm

    You will surely want to decorate your baby’s room beautifully, but when you don’t have enough budget, it can be very tough. The above all tips and ideas, you can follow to decorate your baby’s room on a budget. Paint is also an inexpensive and simple way to decorate your baby’s room.

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