Review: Shopping on the go with the new Tesco app

When I was a kid we used to push the shopping trolley home laden with food (about a 20 minute walk) and return it the next week and start again.It was ‘our’ trolley *am not sure the supermarket knew this* We didn’t have a car.

new tesco app

If we went on holiday our neighbours ensured we had bread and milk in when we got back.

How times have changed.

Recognising that coming home from holiday is bad enough, without the added hassle of returning to an empty fridge. so this summer Tesco opened the UK’s first interactive virtual grocery store in Gatwick’s North Terminal.

The Gatwick opening built on Tesco’s launch of the world’s first virtual store in South Korea last year. The Korean virtual store allowed commuters to shop in subways and at bus stops by pointing their mobile phones at billboards. Tesco is now trialling the concept for the first time in the UK.

The Gatwick virtual store  allowed passengers passing through the North Terminal to combine browsing, as they would in a physical store, with the convenience of an online grocery shop and home delivery.Customers could view a range of everyday products by scrolling through the unique moving screens on large virtual fridges. By scanning the barcodes with their smartphones* they added their chosen products to their online baskets, book a home delivery slot and checked out. Their shopping would then be delivered when they returned from holiday.

What a very cool idea!

Tesco sponsored me a small grocery shop in return for trialling their updated app and having a go at scanning my shopping using the bar codes on food I have at home. It took me a while to ‘get’ the idea…surely I could just type into the phone or on the pc what I wanted? But I love new shopping experiences so i embraced the challenge and had a go.

tesco virtual store, tesco app

Look what you can do with this cool app!

  • Find your nearest Tesco store
  • Shop for groceries on the go
  • Shop for 1000’s of products from Tesco direct
  • Scan your Clubcard in-store, see your vouchers and order Clubcard Rewards
  • Browse hundreds of recipes by course or cuisine and more…

Basically I just scanned in the bar codes of items I had at home that needed replacing and Zap they appeared in my online basket ready for me to purchase when I next did a shop.

In some cases it may have been quicker to manually type it (particularly if they didn’t have the product (e.g a bottle of diet pepsi) and I had to search for alternatives. I don’t think I would use this for doing a big shop all at once. However for me the beauty of this lies in the fact that I can be using up the last of the flour and simply scan the bag, next time I do my big online shop it will be there already in my basket so I dont have to remember. It’s like adding to a paper shopping list but instead actually putting the item straight in your basket. The app is free to download, do have a’s great fun.

Also  I can try something new at a friends house, love it and  and scan it in my phone …it will be there in my basket waiting to be purchased when I am ready.  If there were digital boards I could scan from and do my shopping whilst at bus stops or out and about that would be fab.

If you are listening Tesco outside my daughters ballet class and football practice on a Wednesday are both times I could easily do my shop!

So anyway I made my online order through scanning with a few manual additions and as always Tesco delivered on time, with a smile and with great quality.

I do like new technology…very exciting.

What’s going to happen when our kids are adults? Flying shopping trollies to avoid traffic build up?
















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