Tips for recording awesome family videos without a DSLR

Tips for recording awesome family videos without a DSLR

Most of us find the task of recording a video that’s pleasant to watch as well as engaging, a challenging task. The affair gets tougher when you have a phone or tablet at your disposal to record a top-notch video. For all those who think it’s impossible, we’ve got news for you. It’s actually not.

There are amazing applications and software available to edit video and give it a professional look.

Also, to up the wow quotient of your recorded videos, we’ve got some superb tips and tricks you will be thankful for.

So get set and shoot

  • Ensure proper lighting before you shoot

This is something very basic and very important when it comes to shooting a flattering video. If you are not sure about how to light interacts with the scene, it is advised that you do a test shot first, check the interference of light and then go for the final shot. You might have to modify and adjust your angles and positioning depending on the intensity, direction and even the source of light. If you feel that the lighting is not adequate to create the effect you seek, you might have to use the flash or some external lighting source.


  • Do a sound testing

If you are recording a video along with sound, then special care has to be taken in terms of the audio. In various settings like a closed room or mountain top, the audio might echo or sound too harsh. So, just like the light check, do a sound check before shooting the actual video. Also, don’t forget, that the microphone captures every sound around. So, while shooting a video, you’ll have to keep unnecessary noises like people’s movements, murmurs etc.  at bay, if you don’t want unpleasant audio interferences in your video.


  • Maintain a minimalistic background

A very harsh and popping background is never a good idea when you are shooting family videos. The background should complement the subject and not overshadow it. A very loud background would distract the viewers from the actual subject and wouldn’t be pleasing to the eyes as well.


  • Do not zoom excessively

Nothing can destroy your video quality more than excessive digital zoom. With a phone or a tablet, zooming is achieved at the cost of a great deal of ugly pixelation. Thus, while shooting without a professional camera, consider going physically closer, rather than zooming in and enjoy clarity, which is after all the priority.


  • Consider re-shooting if needed

There’s nothing to feel bad if the video didn’t turn out to be as expected. You can always re-shoot whenever possible. Don’t settle in for an average video if you have the option of recreating the moment and shooting a better version of it.

But, the most important thing is that you have a lot of fun while shooting the videos. If you enjoy what you see and do, it automatically gets reflected in the result. So go ahead and enjoy the shoot!


 I hope you foudn this post on tips for recording awesome family videos without a DSLR to be useful.


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