Nursery room renovation on a budget

Today – Nursery room renovation on a budget

Nursery room renovation on a budget

Nursery room renovation on a budget – some top tips

Before my little one (Alfie) was born, the most exciting thing for my partner and I was to decorate the spare room, which would be the nursery. What’s better than having an empty room ready for complete renovation? We had so many ideas and plans on how we were going to decorate the room. Everything seemed great!

The only thing was money. Well, the only thing that was lacking was money. We were on a tight budget at the time, but you know what? We knew we could make it work, and I know you can too. I’ve always loved creating little DIY crafts and my partner has always been very supportive of my ideas – so we had each other’s back during this room makeover.

We started planning everything out. I would definitely recommend this step, it was what really helped us stay on top of our budget. Mood boards were my best friends during the planning phase. I ate, slept and breathed mood boards. I wanted to make this room perfect, and (confession time) I might have gotten overly stressed over it. As my grandma says: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Mood boards

Mood boards are actually great to figure out how you want the room to look like and then find alternatives to some of your choices that might be over your budget. I started putting together the colour scheme and then adding details with those colours. I knew from the start that I wanted a simple and clean décor, with some splashes of bright colours, like yellow, blue and green. While researching nursery room ideas, I stumbled across an article on the Finder which mentioned how the key to a nursery room was “to create a bright, calming and comforting space” and that was what I was going for.

Then, I started adding furniture to the mood board, as well as some ornamental bits and bobs, such as photo montages and child-proof handles. We chose a convertible cot, which was a bit expensive, however, we were thinking about the long run. Additionally, we looked for other furniture pieces, including a chest of drawers in charity shops and second-hand websites.


Buying second hand for your Nursery room renovation on a budget

Buying second-hand was definitely a big help. Some people might turn their nose when thinking about used furniture, but with some TLC any piece of furniture can be upcycled and look brand new. For example, we bought a second-hand white chest of drawers which needed a fresh coat of paint and new handles, so we re-painted it and bought Cebi Joy Frog handles (these are simply adorable, who would say no to them?). We also got a second-hand rocking chair, which was not only very practical feeding and to help Alfie go to sleep, but also a great-looking piece of décor.

Instead of a changing table, we settled for a changing mat after reading a comparison article between these options from the Baby Centre. Of course, you can choose to change your baby on a towel, but we did find that a changing mat was one of the best purchases we’ve made. Not only it is practical, but it’s super convenient.

Storage is essential when putting together a nursery room. We had already bought the chest of drawers, but toys, nappies, and clothes started to pile up a bit, so we also got some storage baskets. These are great to keep everything organised and neat in any room!


In terms of safety of the room, we decided to fit a window restrictor to ensure that Alfie was safe while the room could have a little bit of fresh air every now and then; as well as a door stop to make sure that the door was kept open if he started to cry or needed us in general. Most of our ironmongery purchases were made at Ironmongery Experts, which we would recommend.

After completing our makeover, I would say that getting crafty and planning are the best ways to save some money when decorating your little ones’ nursery room. But don’t beat yourself up if things don’t look “perfect”, I’m sure your baby will love it no matter what.

This article on nursery room renovation on a budget was written by Hannah. She is a recent first-time mum who enjoys all things baby-related. Hannah studied journalism and is now working as a part-time freelance blogger for Ad Lab.

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