5 Work-from-Home Tips for New Parents

 Work-from-Home Tips for New Parents

Work-from-Home Tips for New Parents

Working from home might seem like an ideal solution for new parents who are heading back to their nine-to-five positions after maternity or paternity leave. After all, working from home saves parents time commuting to and from work. What’s more, working from home will also help parents save money they might otherwise spend on a nursery or daycare service. However, working from home and looking after a baby at the same time can prove a tricky combination. In fact, parents who work remotely need to understand how to balance all of their obligations. To that end, these five work-from-home tips will allow new parents to manage both their personal and professional responsibilities with grace:


Set Up Failsafes & Backups

Let’s face it: while working from home you’re bound to be called away to tend to the needs of your child. You don’t have to feel guilty about this, though. Rather than sweating about who’s trying to call or email you while you’re busy feeding, changing, or playing with your little one, set up a few features that will forward important emails or calls to your personal phone. Doing so will let you address the most urgent problems first when you return to your desk.


Maintain a Tight Schedule

Many parents may feel as if their schedules are dependent on the whims of their child. And to a certain extent -– they’re right. Accidents, outbursts, tantrums (etc.) are unavoidable facts of caring for a child, but the better you maintain a schedule for naps, meals, and playtime, the easier it will be to find time to work during the day.


Work When You Can

Though sticking to a routine will definitely help you squeeze in productive work periods during the day, sometimes the best solution to working from home is to get stuff done when you have time. Early mornings before anyone else is awake, or evenings after your partner has come home will afford parents the time they need to focus on their assignments.


Ask For Help

New parents should learn quickly that there’s no shame in asking others for help. Indeed, calling up a friend and asking them to babysit for a few hours, or, alternatively, delegating a task to a colleague are reasonable ways to deal with a time crunch or a particularly stressful period.


Schedule In-Person Meetings When Possible

Certain projects are particularly difficult, complex, or intricate. If you find yourself saddled with such an assignment, attempt to schedule an in-person meeting with your boss or team members –– even if it’s not at the office. Just sitting down and talking through an issue face-to-face can make a big difference for professionals who spend most of their time operating remotely.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re working to develop a new line of UV 96 well plate, or striving to improve your company’s SEO efforts, professional ambitions need to take a back seat to caring for your child. Though this might seem obvious, it can be easy to lose sight of this fact when you’re confronted with a tight deadline. Nevertheless, the safety and well-being of your little one needs to hold priority over everything else. Remember that the next time you feel stressed about a work task, and it’ll help you keep things in proper perspective!


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  1. February 22, 2019 / 10:03 am

    Thanks for fetching some good tips for new parents like me, Really loved the way of presenting the points, As a Home maker I found this blog such a great one and found it as a good motivation for the Parents like me..Thanks a lot

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