Thrifty ways to decorate a playroom

I have been thinking about thrifty ways to decorate a playroom and actually you know I think it’s pretty simple! Hope my ideas give you some ideas!


thrifty ways to decorate a playroom

Cassia Playroom from a range at bettaliving

Thrifty ways to decorate a playroom – Art

How much do I adore this beautiful bedroom? Look at all that storage!

But I tell you what else has really caught my eye in this room the fabulous photographs on the wall of the crayons and pencils. What an excellent idea for kids art and really easy to make yourself with a focussed photograph which you then enlarge. Inspired and such a great blast of colour. These photos would work perfectly in a playroom, wouldn’t they!

Children’s own drawings also look wonderful on playroom walls.


Thrifty ways to decorate a playroom – Storage

Storage does not have to be expensive. Big baskets that cuddly toys can be thrown into, plastic boxes with sealed lids for the Lego, jam jars for felt tips. Do not over worry about style what masters is that everything has its place and that kids can reach to put things away. Shoe boxes are a fabulously thrifty solution for storing small cards or top trumps cards! They can always be covered in wrapping paper if you want them to look pretty.


Thrifty ways to decorate a playroom – Flooring

I have had carpet in the playroom and it got covered in paint and playdoh and juice and well who knows what. Not a good plan. Now we have wipe clean laminate. it will last the distance in a way carpets will not. definitely the thriftier option. A bright washable rug adds colour whilst being cheap and easy to clean



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