Mexico Holiday Dreams

Some places remain firmly on my must visit one day list. Top of my list is Montana (it’s a cowboy thing)  with Mexico holiday dreams a close second.

Many years ago now I spent a summer in San Antonio Texas not too far from the Mexican border. I really fancied a holiday Mexico seemed so close but still an absolute world away.

I had read a fabulous book that summer by Cormac MacCarthy called All the Pretty Horses and it was all about Mexico, the barren lands, the ocean, the little tavernas, the horses,  burritos and heat. How I absolutely longed to visit there, drinking strong black coffee and riding down dusty paths with my amigos.

I am sad to say we didn’t make it to Mexico but headed north to the lakes of Minnesota and the mosquitos instead. One day I would love to get there. Everyone I know who has been whether all inclusive or on wilder trips has said it is a breathtaking place to visit.


What’s so great about Mexico?

Do you know there is actually no bad time to visit Mexico because it is always sunny (oh my goodness take me there RIGHT now) doesn’t that sound wonderful. It is actually hottest May to September. The language spoken is Spanish  and yet you would probably get away in most places without it! Flight time is around 11-12 hours.

There is just so much to do …white sharks to see, a jungle to explore, Chcihen wonders and even secret islands. Oh an of course as many tacos and burritos as you could wish for. I adore Mexican food !

So yes get me to Mexico!

Where would you go if you could?





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