Baby-proofing your tech around toddlers

Baby proofing your tech around toddlers is a seriously sensible thing to do.

Let’s be honest toddlers hands are often covered in mud, dirt, glitter, paint, snot and even worse. It is not what you want on your technology. They also like to pick  up and explore whatever they can get their hands on, see if floats in he bath or toilet or hit it with another toy to see what happens.  The brighter ones see if they can get it working by pressing every button and the ones who are teething like to give it a really good chew.

It is not safe from your toddler!

When you have spent decent money on a nice phone or table you really should protect it is such a sound investment and will be well worth it.

I have found some beautiful tablet covers over at filofax take a look at these


The butterfly ipad air case comes with space for your phone and a notepad and it is 360 degree rotatable  for multiple viewing positions and isn’t it just so pretty! The design is available for other tablet sizes too.

I also rather love their daisy tablet covers, so perfect for Spring (which is, I am sure, just around the corner)

filofax-daisies-ipad-mini-largeand last but not least I want to show the leather look willow case Filofax has teamed up with Breast Cancer Campaign for this iPad Mini, 2 & 3 Case. For every Case sold, Filofax will donate £2.50


Such lovely ways to baby proof your tech from all manner of smudges and spillages and rather stylish too!



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