The perks of a villa holiday with kids

Are you thinking of a villa holiday with kids? I have done this twice now and I think it I such a good idea. In terms of meeting the most fundamental needs of a family on holidays. I have been having a peruse of Villa Plus holiday villas  and I think villas surpass almost every other kind of holiday.


Families need space from each other in order to get along, space to read, play , rest, sleep and bathe..being cooped up on top of each other can lead to frayed tempers. Camping certainly seems to in our family. Villas give you the luxury of space and children can play without annoying everyone!

Many villas come with their own pool which is just fabulous for kids. So much safer from the sea and having your own pool is just perfect if kids are nervous or beginner swimmers..and with a villa you will always get a lounger and a good view of your kids!

I hate my kids being in packed pools and struggling to keep an eye on them. We al need to relax on holiday.

perks of a villa holiday


Kids like to nap and this is so convenient if you have a villa. You can safely potter about downstairs whilst they get a little sleep and you know they are safe. If you were staying in an apartment it would mean you having to go back inside to each time thy needed a sleep. this could be really dull!. the same goes for night times. If your child has an early night  you don’t want to be stuck indoors in a villa you can sit out on the veranda or relaxing in the lounge so much more comfortable than if you were sharing a hotel room.

Your villa will be so much quieter too then a hotel/self catering complex which really help the kids have undisturbed sleep.


You can totally self cater on a villa holiday which with fussy kids who like to eat when they like and what they like can save you a lot of money and annoyance. kids are also often bored in restaurants and it can all get stressful . this just doesn’t happen if you have your own kitchen and a well stocked fridge. I think it is a huge perk of a villa holiday.My kids are pretty early rises too and not many places apart form my kitchen open for breakfast at 6 am ..but it is no problem if you have your own vila.


So a villa holiday really does make life easier for families  and we all know if kids have space to play and if they eat and sleep well everyone is happier!


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