Make Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper & Tags

Make Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper isn’t particularly expensive but it is fun as well as a bit more frugal to make your own.

For Christmas why not buy some brown packing paper from the post office . You can use this to create a unified theme under your tree that looks simple and stylish.

Other ideas include projects your kids will love:

  • Stamping – Stamping is a great way to decorate plain brown or white paper. (It is also a wonderful craft project for kids.) You can buy stampers but  personally I would save your money and make a little holly leaf shape on a potato and go for it with the poster paints!
  • Stenciling –   Let a younger child paint over the stencil rather than colour its much easier and the paints will come off most stencils if you do it straight away.

If throughout the year you save ribbons, bows, tissue papers, brown paper bags with handles and any bags you are given presents in you will have a lovely store by Christmas. This is thrifty as well as green.

I still enjoy cutting tags out of old Christmas cards the night I take them down in front of the fire ready for next year. It feels restful and is a pleasing annual end to Christmas job. As my kids get older I an goung to get them involved too (it’s great cutting practice!)

Have fun x


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