This year I am going to try a ringo and a zipfly!

There are many things I want to pass onto my kids such as good manners, an appreciation for good firends, family values, a love of reading and then there are somethings I don’t want to pass on. I don’t want them to eat as much chocolate as me and I don’t want them to be all silly and nesh and worried about snow.

My worries about snow go back to a one day cross country skiing outing on a French school exchange age 12  when I lost control and jammed my skis into a girl from school who’d fell over at the bottom of the hill – ouch !  Then there was that time I got shut in a walk in freezer in a restraumt  age 9 by my best friends brother (okay it was only 5 mins but still) The cold, snow and skiing make me go a bit jittery still. Anyway I digress. My kids. I want them to love the snow and be comfortable and happy with it. I want them NOT to have my hang ups.

Right now we cannot afford to take them skiing and living in the midlands snow has been sparse. We need to head out to the dry ski slopes and have some fun there. Ski lessons would be a fun activity over the Easter holidays. I”ve just been sent some information on one centre that looks great and it has REAL snow slopes not dry ones!:

The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead has lots for the serious ski-er and lots for the family looking for fun.  Here are 2 great ideas I think my kids and I would enjoy.

This is a ringo ( I wouldn’t even have to touch the snow!)

Ringos (4 years to adult)
Whizz, slide and spin down the snow in the old favourite, the Rubber Ringo.

Suitable for ages 4 and above. 30 minute session. Adult £12 and Junior £9.50.  Thats a lot cheaper than a trip to Grenoble!

The other thing that caught my eye at the snow centre was this

Zipfy Sledge (5 years to adult) 


This unique and distinctive lightweight snow sledge is easy to use and provides maximum fun. The lever provides an ability to steer while your feet allow you to brake. Race down the snow and see who emerges triumphantly at the finish line.   30 minute session. Adult £12, Junior £9.50.  

 Sounds Fun!

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