If you like Where’s Wally you will love Find Fynn (online and free!)

  The New Ice Age, the consumer campaign for the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has launched an interactive online children’s game called ‘Find Fynn’ featuring a lovable penguin lost in the arctic amongst his many friends.

The game encourages families to ‘Find Fynn’ and his lost items in the snowy and icy scenes. Children will need to look closely because he lives with many friends like Eskimos, Olympic Curlers, walruses, ice cream sellers and snowmen. If players find Fynn amongst the crowds in record time they can win a year’s family pass to all Merlin Entertainment attractions including Alton Towers, The London Eye, Legoland and Sea Life. Sounds good hey! My kids absolutely loved this but we didn’t find him …can you?  Where’s Wally fans will be in their element

It is online until 20th of June 2011 and the fastest player will be named a national winner!

The recession has seen a rise in frozen food over the last few years in the UK A recent study commissioned by The New Ice Age has shown that buying frozen foods is around 30% less expensive than buying fresh food. 30% is a HUGE amount off your shopping bill. Research also shows that cooking with fresh food can produce over 35% more household waste than cooking with frozen food. Families who took part in these studies, have also agreed that frozen food can be equal to, or even taste better than fresh food.

Blimey. These are really big results in favour of frozen.

For more information on frozen food, more tips on how to defrost your freezer and appetizing recipes please visit The New Ice Age  



  1. April 6, 2011 / 12:17 pm

    Hi Becky, it’s not easy is it? I tried and I think I only found his scarf! haha..
    Hope all is going well – congrats on the wikio ranking top 5!!


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