Quack Quack Moo – innovative baby products!

Quack Quack Moo

I love innovative products particularly when they make life easier. These from Quack Quack Moo are fab, simple and look great. The range includes a couple of super cheap solutions to everyday baby hassles too – take a look!

The handy holdy buggy strap £2.49 keeps your hands free and gives your little one an easy way of keeping hold of the buggy.

Hooded Blanket £14.99

This  hooded blanket is such a great idea. Made from soft and cosy Polar Fleece it has  a popper on (and popper off) hood. It’s practical and comfortable. It won’t get chucked to the gfloor of the car  caught in the wheels of a buggy. It can’t be forever pulled off like little hats can. 

Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying. 

The length ‘n’ loop dummy strand comes in a pack of 3 for only £2.99

It is perfect for keeping dummies & teethers hygienic and in safe, easy reach for your little one. My friends whose baby is forever dropping dummies whilst out and about thought this was ‘the cleverst baby product EVER!’ The Length ‘n’ Loop strand can be used on its own clipped around the straps of car seats, buggys or highchairs and can also be used with the Quack Quack moo blankets and bibs.

Burping cloth £12.99

Just sling over your shoulder with the trough at the back and dribble will be absorbed into the waterproof surface or end up in the wipe clean trough.

Created using unique Dribble Bubb’s technology the Shoulder Chuck has a waterproof protection guard with layers that absorb efficiently, dry quickly and keep you happy, clean and puke free.The Shoulder Chuck is made from Organic Bamboo Cotton toweling, it is naturally anti-bacterial; perfect for protecting against mess of any kind and super absorbent.

Dribble bib  £7.99

Again made from the unique Dribble Bub technology these bibs are the business and are supersoft for your baby. Cow print on reverse too which is very cute. These wash like a dream according to my tester.

All products come in boy, girl or unisex colours. 

Well worth a look, such interesting products and…………………………..I have a competition to win 2 gift sets one boy one girl set each worth £35 each starting on Friday. Check back then to enter.


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