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if you want (you have to fill this bit in anyway!)  Here is the post for you again in case you missed it. I love it becuase it captures probably one of the most important things my mum ever passed on to me: it’s people who matter and people are capable of great things they just need to be their best self and shine their light.

Who Is Your Child’s Hero?

My lovely mum always told me to be my best self and she gave me lots of examples through stories of how to be a hero.

She always told me stories of people who did their very best to shape and change things so others had better lives. She told me about Rosa ParksEmmeline Pankhurst, Martin Luther King. What heroes and heroines to litter my childhood….they made wonder woman look purely pants!

Mum was my biggest heroine though – she always was her best self…full of a generosity of spirit and an ability to go the extra mile even for a stranger. There is a lovely story in our family of mum bringing home a hungry homeless man for tea because he had told her he was hungry. Granny obliged but didn’t let her out again for a while! Mum remained that innocent and kind.

My Great Granny had been a similar woman and she lived in the country. On the side of her cottage fence in code the homeless travelers of the day alerted each other to the fact that tea and biscuits could be found here. She was unafraid to open her lovely cottage to anyone. What a great story.

My son is 6 . He knows about Rosa Parks now too, he knows why Barak Obama is important and who won the competition to be in charge of our country. He knows about Mother Theresa and his Great Great Grandma’s tea parties. He loves these stories and make me tell them again and again.

Life in it’s reality is full of inspirational heroes and fabulous true stories. Who needs Ben 10 when you have a gutsy Grandad who lost an eye under a train and was back at work the next week? Family stories and real life heroes are stories children love. They shape lives.

Go on, tell your child a true story, give them a real hero – guaranteed they will love it!

Happy Birthday mum,  I love you with all my heart. 



  1. Sarah Atkinson
    April 6, 2011 / 2:22 pm

    Consider yourself nominated – good luck!

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  3. SMS
    April 16, 2011 / 2:09 pm

    Remarkable writing. I’ve been reading online articles for many days but to tell the truth I never got something really interesting to read out unlike yours.And yes i have digg your site babybudgeting.co.uk

  4. April 19, 2011 / 11:24 am

    So excited for you! Just voted for your great Blog! Lots of love and Wish you best of luck!
    xx C.

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