The many benefits of artificial grass

benefits of artificial grass


My experience of artificial grass

A few years ago I went up to Scotland to visit my children’s godparents. Their house was super smart and their grass absolutely looked amazing. Because of their gorgeous and well-kept home, I assumed the exercised very high levels of lawn maintenance. I was a bit surprised by this actually as they are real ‘city types’ and I did not think of them as being green-fingered.  Their grass really did look fantastic and yet int houses around them I saw dull grass and patchy lawns. Both my friends had high-pressure jobs and were often away with work for fairly long periods. I assumed they must have a gardener to keep up the watering and feeding of the lawn.

How they laughed when I told them how much I had thought (enviously) about their grass and my assumptions. They explained to me that for a couple of years they had tried to keep the lawn looking good themselves but it had been a huge effort and frequent, long absences due to work meant it got dried out and overgrown and it was always looking rather shabby.  So, in response, they had come up with a rather radical and never to be regretted solution.

Artificial grass.

I was completely blown away by this revelation. Their grass totally looked real and I would never have known it was not real by looking.  They were over the moon with the solution they had come up with and I have to say it looked amazing. There are just so many benefits to artificial grass it is absolutely something I would consider.



The benefits of artificial grass

Artificial grass is a good choice because

  •  It is super low maintenance (see below for more on this) and this is a HUGE appeal to people who are busy or not all into gardening.
  • Artificial grass totally maintains it’s colour over a long period due to being UV stable. You will look like you have a lush lawn all year around no matter what the weather
  • You can easily wash away stains or pet mess
  • Most Artifical grass is easy to lay yourself which can save you on installation costs
  • The majority of artificial grass has porous backing and will drain sufficiently provided the area beneath has good drainage.
  • It can be perfect for kids play areas too (best to choose one with a high softness rating)

Blimey, so many benefits.

Who is artificial grass for?

If you love to USE your garden but not DO your garden this is definitely the answer for you. I also think it would be a great solution for people who own rental properties and want them to look good but know that tenants/visitors are unlikely to spend time maintaining the garden. For busy families, house proud people, older people who struggle with physical lawn work or people with physical disabilities artificial grass is a pretty awesome solution.



Maintenance of artificial grass

Artificial grass only requires only light brushing to maintain a natural grass appearance. So no more mowing or endless watering and trying to cover bare patches. Just a bit of light brushing. How good is that you will never have to weed your lawn again  – it will save you just so much time.

artifical grass

So it is pretty easy to see there are just so many benefits of artificial grass


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Further reading

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  1. June 1, 2019 / 1:01 pm

    You are right. In the case of artificial grass, you will never have to weed your lawn again. Good post.

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