How To Make Your Home A Haven During Pregnancy

Today – How To Make Your Home A Haven During Pregnancy

How To Make Your Home A Haven During Pregnancy


Every year there are nearly 700,000 births in the UK. Before baby comes, there is so much to do to prepare. Getting a new family-friendly car, baby-proofing the house, midwife appointments – the list is endless. In the home, the same activity goes on there with a huge focus on the baby when it comes, usually in doing up a nursery which, according to statistics, we spend about £1,000 pounds on per household, per baby.

The thing is, it can be so easy to forget that for nearly a whole year you have to actually grow that baby. You literally carry that new life around, feeding it, feeling it kick and growing it to be a healthy and happy new life when the time for birth arrives. That is no mean feat! And yet, we can focus so much on the baby’s arrival we forget about mummy, and mummy’s needs during this very special but challenging time.

Are you guilty of focusing so much on your future child you’ve forgotten about your own needs?

Just think about it, you’re changing for nine whole months, and you’re peeing more, and crying more, and you’re carrying more weight and everything else that comes with pregnancy, but you probably put more effort into self-care on your last holiday. You probably put more thought into your suitcase contents on your last summer holiday than on making yourself comfortable and happy during this time.

How To Make Your Home A Haven During Pregnancy

Even if you have been giving yourself a good amount of love, there is always more to do, especially in the home, which during pregnancy is otherwise known as ‘the nest’.You deserve to cocoon yourself in a beautiful little haven of joy during this time. Here are our top tips to help you make your home into a haven during pregnancy:

Make Your Bathroom Comfy And Spa-Like

You will be spending a ton of time in the bathroom because you need to pee more, you might suffer from morning sickness, and you’ll need a little extra time of a morning to admire your new beautiful pregnancy glow in the mirror. So you may as well make the space more spa-like or at least more comfortable. Firstly, get that bath in shape. There is a myth that pregnant ladies can’t have a bath but that is totally not true, you just can’t have a hot bath.

Some experts say that you can have a soak for around 20 minutes in a bath up to 40 degrees, but please do speak to your midwife for the most up to date advice from the NHS on what is safe for you and your baby. A warm bath can be so relaxing when your back hurts and you need to unwind so do fix your bath up or if it is due an upgrade, consider a beautiful new bath in a comfortable environment.

Remember you will be bathing your baby in the bath too so, this kind of investment doesn’t just benefit you during pregnancy if you’re worried about being too selfish with your spends!

Other great bathroom improvements during pregnancy could be:

  • Burning essential oils, you can find information about those safe to use during pregnancy here, but do consult your midwife for specific safety information
  • Adding soft and fluffy towels
  • Keeping a ‘comfy corner’ with cushions and blankets for when you need to wait out nausea ‘just in case’
  • Add grippy mats to protect you from any slip risks
  • Add plants to the room for extra oxygen and Hygge feels
  • Add extra soft toilet roll and toilet wipes because you’re going to the loo more often and you deserve that kind of comfort!

Set Your Bedroom Up For Good Sleep

Sleeping gets really difficult in the third trimester of pregnancy so, you have to make your bedroom extra ‘sleep ready’ to help you get that all important rest. Follow these tips for a comfortable bedroom that gives you the best chance of catching some zzzs:

  • Add a memory foam mattress topper that makes you as comfortable as possible
  • Consider a V-shaped pillow for optimum sleep support
  • Use pregnancy-friendly pillow spray for sleep-enhancing aromatherapy
  • Use blackout curtains or blinds to stop early bright summer mornings prematurely disturbing your sleep
  • Get plenty of fans in the room to help keep the room cool
  • Treat yourself to some noise cancelling headphones to stop any noise pollution disturbing you

Create Yourself A Nook

Within your home, is there a spot that overlooks the garden or that is one of your favourite places to spend time when you need to relax? Creating a little nook with pillows, a blanket, books, perhaps a small table for cosy or refreshing drinks and anything else essential to your relaxation means you know when you need to really wind down, you can.

Think of it as a nest, within a nest. Once you have made it, make yourself a delicious drink, snuggle under your blanket and snooze, or listen to some lovely podcasts such as Fearne Cotton, Happy Place, or Happy Mum, Happy Baby with Giovanna Fletcher

Clear The Garden

Nature is proven to have many benefits to us as humans, with the Japanese government so in support of spending time in nature that it actively supports forest bathing, which is where a person actively spends time in forests and other natural settings for mental and physical wellbeing.

Of course, you can go out on walks and strolls away from your home, but your garden is your own little slice of nature so it pays to make it as beautiful as possible. Whilst you’re not too far along, gardening is a really relaxing form of exercise and will help you prepare the space.

Why not plant some vegetables, so you can have a little project that pushes you to go outside in the sunshine? It could also be a great idea to add a comfy bench or even a summerhouse so that you can sit outside and enjoy fair weather now and when the baby has come.

The good thing about being pregnant is I get to be home more. – Brie Bella

During this magical time, you deserve to have a home that is not only prepared for your new arrival, but that is also supportive for you during your pregnancy. Take your time creating the perfect pregnancy haven for yourself, for the benefit of you, your baby and the whole family.


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