Why choose SIM Only Deals

Why choose SIM Only Deals

A bespoke approach to budgeting

Here at Baby Budgeting I always like to talk to you about getting the absolute best value for money. Whilst this can involve changes in mindset and some universally applicable money-saving hacks ( such as never shop when you are hungry) sometimes not everything will work for everyone.  I am aware that sometimes in regard to budgeting you have to take an individualised approach. We all have different lifestyles and needs and hence what may be a really good deal for one person is not a really good deal for somebody else.



How we use our mobile phones

This is always true when it comes to mobile phones. We all use our phones in our own unique ways. I absolutely see my phone as an essential work tool. I use the camera for pictures from my social media and this is a specific tool of my trade. I  am on it all the time, using Instagram and Facebook and even occasionally writing blog posts from my phone. For me having the latest phone and an absolutely full data package and all the perks is critical. I always get a deal where the latest handset is included.

If you look at someone else though you will see they don’t need anything like me.

My daughter, for example, is 11. She uses her phone as a  way to communicate with me on the way to and from school. She does not use it for the internet and apart from whats app which she uses for maybe 15m a day she has no social network on her phone. Her phone needs are very different from mine so what may prove a really good deal for me would be entirely different kind of deal for her, it definitely not a one size fits all budgeting scenario.  A SIM only deal is the best option for someone like my daughter, she does not need the latest phone, in fact, she always inherits my old phones so there is no need for her to be tied to a contract with a handset at all and I am anticipating there won’t be for a long time.


Why ChooseSim Only Deals

A SIM only deal simply means you are just paying for services without a handset.  All you do is pop the SIM in your existing handset There are short and long pay monthly contracts, or there are pay as you go  SIMs which can work out even cheaper to those with minimal usage. SIM only deals are always much cheaper because you do not have a handset included in your costs.

For some people, SIM only deals are a really smart mobile phone option and there are lots of varieties of deals available depending on the number of texts/calls/data you want. As always when it comes to getting the best deal I would absolutely encourage you to shop around to get the best deal. You can compare  SIM only deals from the leading mobile networks.

You might not know this but another budget benefit to a SIM only deal is this: Every single Mobile Service provider offers SIM only deals, but not all of them offer deals with handsets. By choosing SIM only you have more options about who to buy your services from so the market is more competitive.


Why choose SIM only deals? There are a variety of reasons but absolutely it is a good budgeting option.



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