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Tody – hard to find phone numbers

Hard to find phone numbers – and how to find them

Agggh, hard to find phone numbers are so frustrating aren’t they|?

I know in the pasts in MANY of my budgeting posts I have urged people to make sure they are claiming the benefits that they are entitled too. It is so important you are getting what you deserve to get and not too little ( or too much) Paying overpayments back can be hell – we have been through this! Nope, what you want is to be absolutely sure that what you are getting is correct. Sometimes it can feel that sorting this out though is easier said than done.

Finding the right phone number for  Child Tax Credits, for example, can be really tricky and you can spend fruitless hours of your time trying to find out how to contact the people you need to speak too. I have no idea why such numbers are hard to track down. Unless, of course, they are trying to put us all off calling.  This is where Contact Numbers come to the rescue.


Contact Numbers

Contact Numbers UK is a  phone directory system that allows easy access to a database of telephone numbers. These telephone numbers that connect you through to the relevant department within that organisation. It is a hassle-free and speedy way of connecting with who you need to speak to in regard to your benefits or a whole host of other issues. They have numbers for various government departments, shops and stores like Amazon and eBay, banks, utilities and travel companies too. You never have to worry about not being able to find a number again!

You simply need to type in the search bar who it is you are looking for then Contact Numbers provide a call forwarding service via 08 numbers. Calls to these numbers cost 13ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.


Talking to people & hard to find phone numbers

Getting to talk to real people can make such a difference. It is so much easier to share complicated information or to ask a myriad of questions or explore hypothesis when talking to a person rather than a computer. I would urge if you are in doubt about any of your benefits that you do try and get through to the right department and talk things over. People are often more useful (and much more friendly) than machines. Those hard to find phone numbers can be well worth finding


It is important to note Contact Numbers are not affiliated with any of the Companies listed in their directory, and the information they provide is possible to be found freely in the public domain. Whilst the numbers they provide are not the official numbers, they will connect you directly to the Company of your choice.



Hard to find phone numbers is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on why choose sim only deals


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