The importance of baby mats

In the first few months of your baby’s life, their minds grow rapidly, as they take in new textures, smells and colours. You just have to watch your beautiful child play in their cot or react to pictures or cuddly toys, to realise that their brains are regularly absorbing and processing new information. You may often wonder what kinds of connections are happening inside your baby’s head or question why she decides to laugh or smile at random interludes? The truth is, your baby is at a vital development stage and as a mother you can help by providing them with mental stimulation.

Soft play mats for your baby are great ways to assist in the development of their brain. They come in a range of colours and textures and provide your baby with mental stimulus that can help nurture their attention span and memory. My little one loves feeling the textures of her super soft padded mat which has various pouches and soft shapes on. Some come with small foam cushions which add extra softness.

Elizabeth often laughs out loud when she pushes the soft fishy shape on her mat as it lets out a comical squeak. Hanging above her mat is sweet plastic elephants and bells that spin and rattle when pushed. All of these attachments are crucial at developing your baby’s mind and the more they play the more they will begin to remember which certain parts rattle and what bits feel softer than others.

Protect Your Baby Against Germs

Many mums will often worry about their baby’s catching germs from the ground or hurting themselves on hard surfaces. Baby mats are a great way to help protect your child against germs and bacteria whilst also providing a soft comfort when they lay down..

Generally, baby mats are made from cotton and foam for your baby’s personal comfort, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them on hard surfaces where they can damage their heads Overall, your baby’s brain is at its most active during the first stages of their life, so help nurture their memory and attention span by providing them with the mental stimulation they grave as they explore their exciting new world.

A sponsored guest post by Hilary Thomas


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