BuyaPowa – What would you like to get at a MUCH cheaper price??

BuyaPowa are making bulk-buy discounts (previously only available to retailers) available to everyone – and on the products they really want.
They feature back to back ‘co-buys (which are essentially opportunities to buy amazing value  products along with other people (hence the reduced prize)  Every co-buy lasts for a limited time and will have a limited number of units (usually 100) – when it’s sold out, it’s sold out. Most importantly, as more and more people join the co-buy, the price gets lower and lower. But, when the co-buy closes, everyone who has joined will just pay the final price. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re the first in there or the last in line – everyone gets to pay the lowest price achieved.
Here is how the pricing structure works:
1 person – 24 people: our opening price – below RRP and roughly comparable with Amazon prices
25 people – 49 people: first price drop
50 people – 74 people: second price drop
75 people – 100 people: third and final price drop – best price achieved
A huge part of any co-buy’s success depends upon people getting their friends on board (the more people who join a co-buy, the cheaper the price for everyone), and BuyaPowa makes it really easy to share co-buys with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. They want to reward that sharing, so every co-buy will have a top referrers leaderboard and, as a special thanks to the person who brings the most friends in, they’ll get their product entirely for free. FREE!!!!  So bloggers you could even blog about a great co-buy and you might end up getting the product for free!
Here is an example of a fab previous co-buy.
The current bike cum scooter lights deal they have up is supercool and perfect for little scooter fans now the dark nights are in. I acyually have these lights and they fit scooters perfectly and are really bright. They are up at NOW so do pop over and take a good look.

If you find a product you want, but at a price you don’t want to pay, let BuyaPowa know and they’ll set the wheels in motion towards getting a co-buy together.Visit or chat to them at or

Over to you ….
 Which products do you think are over-priced but great, so you’d only consider buying them if you could access a bulk-buy discount?
My top 5 fab items I would have LOVED a big discount on would have been:
1. Bumbo seat
2. Mamas and Papas ladybird playmat
3.  My Converse
4.  My Quinny!
5. A bike trailer (never had but would have loved)
What about you? What’s your top 5?
Buyappwer will pop by to see what you suggest and then will try and source it!
Love to hear your comments and ideas…..
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