How To Make A Changing Pad Cover

Today – How To Make A Changing Pad Cover


How To Make A Changing Pad Cover


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How To Make A Changing Pad Cover – a simple tutorial

Very recently, I needed to purchase a table pad cover for my baby, but unfortunately I was feeling the pinch with utility bills needing to be paid and the monthly food shop just around the corner. With this in mind, I put on my frugal hat and decided to save some money by making my very own cosy changing table pad cushion for my baby.

To begin with, you’ll need to buy…

foam cut to size
•Velcro Straps x 2
•Sewing machine/ needle and thread


How To Make A Changing Pad Cover – instructions

1) Measure out changing table on fabric. You can also use the stuffing from a small foam cushions you no longer need for added softness.

2) Cut out the fabric around your table and sew 5/8” seam around the top and the side opposite so that 2 sides of the your changing cover are sewn tight.

3) Turn over the end of the side that is open and then stitch a hem outside the opening, so it looks comparable to the case of a pillow. Then simply turn the right side out.

4) Position the actual changing table pad within the cover. Remember if it is too big simply trim off the surplus cloth if the cover seems too large.

5) Don’t forget to use the Velcro straps within the base side of the cover so your pad is firmly fixed inside when your straps are closed..

6) Use your hands to feel your pad all the way through the cover where the Velcro straps are on the side of the pad.. Use a pen or pencil to make a mark where this is..

7) After that make 2 tiny incisions, no more than 1 ½ inches wide at the peak of your material. Next pull the straps all the way through your cover.

8) Take away the table pad from within the cover and strengthen the safety holes by stitching around them repeatedly.

There you go!


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