The Dangers Of Your Garden For Toddlers

A garden should be a safe place for your children to play in and enjoy as they grow up. It can be easy to forget about baby proofing your garden when you are so focused on getting that stair gate for your house or covering all of the sockets. Of course, you are unlikely to let your baby or toddler out to play in your garden unsupervised but once you are settled in your house you might forget about child proofing your garden in the future. There are many dangers that gardens can pose to young children, so it is important to consider all of these carefully. We are going to look at the things that you should consider when letting your toddler loose in your garden. Keep reading to find out more.


The Dangers Of Your Garden For Toddlers



Our first danger that we are going to discuss is the use of chemicals. If you commonly use weed or insect killer on your plants, then this is something which you should considering stopping. Not only can this be harmful for your toddler if they were to touch the area that has been sprayed but the actual bottles of these chemicals can pose a threat. This is why it is important to keep any of these dangerous chemicals locked away somewhere that your toddler cannot get to.

You should also consider closing off the area affected to ensure that they cannot touch the plants. If you get some trellis’ for your garden from quality suppliers such as Buy Fencing Direct, then you can create a no-go area using the trellis panels. Trellis’ are great for separating parts of your garden and are a great tool when it comes to toddler proofing.

Poisonous Plants

Another important way to protect your toddler in your garden is to make an effort to remove any poisonous plants. You’ll find lots of information on which ones to look out for in your garden online. This is a great thing to do as soon as you move in because you don’t know what the people who lived there before might have planted. Although the actual danger of being poisoned by plants that you will find in your garden is not too high, you’ll want to protect your children from as many of the dangers as possible. Look out for Hydrangea and Oleander which both pose small threats to the safety of your child.

Pools Of Water

If there is a pond in your garden, you need to think carefully about either fencing it off or filling it in. Ponds can be very dangerous to young children as they could fall in or even worse, drown. You don’t need to get rid of your pond completely if you are able to fence it off properly and keep your toddler safe. If you’d like to have a bird feature you can still do so, as long as it is at a safe height from your toddler. You don’t need to compromise on the design of your garden completely, just ensure that is safe for your toddler.

Garden Tools

If you’re a keen gardener, it is likely that you’ll have some garden tools lying about. Any sort of equipment like this will need to be stored in a safe place, preferably with a lock on it. To do this effectively, you should try and lock these away after every use to ensure that you don’t forget about one. The last thing you want is to is have your toddler find a pair of garden pliers or a spade. These can be very dangerous and having them find them is something that you want to avoid as much as possible.

The Surface Of Your Garden

Another potential danger for you toddler is the main surface of your garden. If your garden is mainly made up of gravel or stones, then this is something that you should watch out for. Toddlers are very prone to falling, especially those that haven’t quite mastered the art of walking yet. This is why you should restrict their garden play to softer areas like grass or wood when it is not wet and slippery. Hard surfaces can cause cuts and you don’t want these to get infected by any dirt that is in your garden. Make sure to protect your children and make sure that they only play on the softer surfaces.

Bees And Other Insects

Our final danger that you should be aware of in your garden is bees and other insects that might sting your toddler. Obviously this one is harder to avoid but you can do what you can to ensure that your child is safe. Try not to let your toddler wear any bright clothing or eat any food that might attract these animals. It is likely that when one comes to fly around, your toddler will react, making the bee sting them. Avoiding these types of situations will make your toddler safer to play in your garden.

Final Thoughts

If you are a new parent or have just moved into a new house, these are some of the things that you should read up on to make sure that you are fully informed. We’re sure that you have already done a lot of research into babyproofing your house, but we’d like you to consider the dangerous that your garden might pose to your toddler. By fencing off dangerous areas and removing any large pools of water, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your toddler is safe. This will mean that they can grow up enjoying their garden and the outside. Once you have made your garden safe for your toddler you could even make the garden into a fun place for them to play. You could get them a climbing frame or even make your own play area by doing some DIY. The options are endless so get toddler proofing your garden now and start enjoying the outside with your children.



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    I don’t know about this matter. I know the benefits of gardening. It is essential for kids growing. Can you clear me about the dangers in my garden for my toddlers?

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