Toys that Last: Climbing Frames

Little kids do seem to love to climb don’t they?

My friends son, as  a toddler, use to clamber on top of their TV whenever they went out the room!  I went round once and he was actually stood on the TV with hand ouyt to one side looking like her was going to fly!

My son used to go up and down and up and down on the sofa long before he could ever walk. He used to make me dizzy watching, he still loves to climb but its proper climbing frames now, no longer the sofa!   I miss those days.

When they were little the kids used climbing frames to have shops inside and to practice their climbing skills, What an adventure it was to get even half way up! Nowadays my kids will race climb, pretend they are pirates on a ships mast, pretend they are window cleaners, firefighters, or even cat rescuers!  They will even use a climbing frames as part of obstacle races!

There isn’t a lot of play equipment that my children have accessed year on year. Toys that have lasted since they were tiny include wooden dolls house, trains, some classic books.  and our sandpit. I see a wooden climbing frames as just the same kind of investment toy as a dolls house. Lots of kids can play with it. You can add to it as they grow. They will play differently with it as they grow and best of all you won’t mind it being in your garden. It is also strong, sturdy, robust and built to last. They are also classic toys. I bet even their great grandparents played with some sort of climbing frame.


You can find some lovely climbing frames at





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