The Car of My Dreams

Picture this:  a sleek white two seater sports car. Pristine interior white seats. Smells gorgeous and looks immaculate. Soft top for sunny days. Me (slimmer, tanned from my holidays abroad, wearing lovely new  clothes, hair having been freshly cut and styled.) My dream car.  I can picture me in it. Driving along without a care in the world . Perhaps on my way to  brunch with friends.

Oh how times change your dreams! Now I am usually seen with madly pulled on crumpled clothes, hair scraped back in a quick pony tail dashing about getting the kids somewhere or other with stuff in tow! I need a practical family car!

I started to learn to drive when I was 18. I had a problem though. Money was very limited so I could only afford 10 lessons and neither of my parents could drive so I couldn’t practice.  Many (many!) years as a student and being hopelessly unable to do more than one thing at a time meant I would sit my driving test – fail – stop for a bit- start learning again – fail and so on for years. Oh yes I do mean years! 15 years on aged 33 and 6 months pregenant I passed my driving rest in an automatic  car. My 6th go. One of the biggest  accomplishments I ever made. Ranks up there with degrees etc. Probably only topped by having my kids! It was so hard for me to learn to drive, I am VERY proud to have finally achieved this.

Being 6 months pregnant when I passed my test meant I never did get my zippy white sports car dream. I had to be sensible. Both my situation and money meant a little, practical, family suited car was the order of the day. I bought a shiny red Punto. It was fine for  babies and when the kids were toddlers but now it is nearing the ends of its days. It really isn’t big enough for us and sadly it keeps breaking down.

I need a big boot (for car booting, camping, scooters and the like)

I want it to be able to handle our bikes and be super safe.

I want it to have all modern elements like in built sat nav and back seat DVDs for long distance drives.

I need to be able to seat 5 comfortably (there always seems to be some friend in tow)

I want it to be strong, sturdy, modern and cool looking!

This is what I want


The Honda CR-V 2013 is really the family car of my dreams.


How times change dreams!





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